Fracture and Damage Mechanics V

Volumes 324-325

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Ke Sun, Zhen Li, Qing Fen Li

Abstract: Ti-alloy is widely used in engineering because it possesses excellent specific strength and corrosion resistance. The effect of welding...

Authors: Tao Xu, Gao Lin, Chun An Tang, Zhi Qiang Hu

Abstract: The phenomenon creep fracture is well-known for concrete. In the present paper, the Material Failure Process Analysis (MFPA2D) model for...

Authors: Xin Zhu Zhou, Jian Jun Zheng

Abstract: Practical experience and observations suggest that corrosion affected reinforced concrete (RC) structures are more prone to cracking than...

Authors: Zheng Yang, Wan Lin Guo, Chun Yong Huo, Yi Wang

Abstract: The delamination cracks and its effects on the fracture of pipeline steel are investigated experimentally by using of Drop-Weight Tear Test...

Authors: Shinichi Nishida, Nobusuke Hattori, Cong Ling Zhou, Akihiro Uchisako

Abstract: This paper is aimed to investigate the effect of roller working on the torsional fatigue properties of a typical low carbon steel referring...

Authors: Yu Jun Zuo, Chun An Tang, Zheng Zhao Liang, Yong Bin Zhang

Abstract: Using newly developed 3 dimensional Rock Failure Process Analysis code RFPA3D, numerical simulations on samples of rock-like material...

Authors: J.Z. Zhang, Xiao Dong He, X. Song, Shan Yi Du

Abstract: An elastic-plastic finite element analysis of the effect of the compressive loading on crack tip plasticity is presented. Two...

Authors: Deng Pan Qiao, Zong Sheng Zhang, Shu Hong Wang, Ya Bin Zhang

Abstract: This paper presents a study on the quantification of the degree of damage from the microseismic event data, for assessment of excavation...

Authors: Shu Hong Wang, Deng Pan Qiao, Peng Jia, Nan Zhang

Abstract: Rock is a heterogeneous and anisotropic compound material, containing many shear surfaces, cracks, weak surfaces and faults. Damage and...

Authors: Bao Lin Wang, Jie Cai Han

Abstract: This paper investigates a moving crack in a nonhomogeneous piezoelectric material (NPM) plate. The mechanical and electrical properties of...


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