Fracture and Damage Mechanics V

Volumes 324-325

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ci Jun Shuai, Ji An Duan, Jue Zhong

Abstract: To find out the effect mechanism of technological parameters on the performance of fiber coupler, the relationship between the...

Authors: Cong Ling Zhou, Shinichi Nishida, Nobusuke Hattori

Abstract: Three kinds of materials, pure aluminum (Al1050), carbon steel (S25C) and eutectoid steel (NHH) with V-notch are used in this study to...

Authors: Xin Chi Yan, Wei Tao Zhao

Abstract: Based on the understanding of passive impact of crack induced by fatigue load on ultimate stress and the relation of material strength and...

Authors: Xin Chi Yan, Yuan Hua

Abstract: Because there were many random factors, the failure analysis and reliability analysis of stochastic structural system was very difficult....

Authors: Jin Won Joo, Yong Chul Cho, Jong Hwa Won, Sung Hoon Choa

Abstract: In this paper, deformation behavior of the MEMS gyroscope package subjected to temperature change is investigated using a high-sensitivity...

Authors: Sung Hoon Choa

Abstract: In this paper, mechanical reliability issues of copper through-wafer interconnection are investigated numerically and experimentally....

Authors: Peng Wan Chen, Tao Huang, Jun Yang, Guo Xin Zhang

Abstract: Manifold Method provides a unified framework for solving problems with both continuous and discontinuous media. In this paper, by...

Authors: Xiao Bin Yang, Zhuo Zhuang, Xue Feng Yao

Abstract: A crack propagation perpendicular to gradient in a large scale functionally gradient materials, which has (1) a linear variation of Young’s...

Authors: Cheng Bin Du, Chao Jun Ren, Zong Quan Ying

Abstract: Concrete is taken as three-phase composites consisting of aggregate, interface and mortar matrix in the paper. The tensile strength and...

Authors: Shu Hong Liu, Meng Wu, Shu Min Duan, Hong Jun Wang

Abstract: A two-dimensional electromechanical analysis is performed on a transversely isotropic piezoelectric material containing a crack based on...


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