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Authors: Shao Wei Lu, Huai Qin Xie
Abstract:FBG sensors have excellent compatibility with CFRP sheets. It can be embedded into CFRP sheets to fabricate the “smart” CFRP. This paper...
Authors: Shan Suo Zheng, Guo Zhuan Deng, Wei Tian
Authors: Li Gang Qu, Hang Gao
Abstract:The side-gusset plate is connector of the combined-roller, which is the key component of the High-pressure Grinding Roller equipment that is...
Authors: Dong Dong Wang
Abstract:An explicit dynamic Galerkin meshfree formulation under the updated Lagrangian framework is presented to simulate large deformation damage...
Authors: Kuang Chyi Lee, Kuang Chih Li, Hsin Her Yu, Chien Chang Lin
Abstract:In this paper, by adopting the continuous ring model and the perturbation analysis for free vibration, the authors showed the reason and the...
Authors: Marco Alfano, Franco Furgiuele, Carmine Maletta
Abstract:The aim of the present paper is to evaluate the interfacial fracture toughness of an Al/Epoxy adhesive system with a crack lying at the...
Authors: Qing Dun Zeng, Dong Mei Li, Cha Sheng Tan
Authors: Xin Wei Ma, Doug Hooton, Jin Ping Ou
Abstract:A uniaxial experimental set-up was developed to evaluate the self-induced stresses, visco-elastic strains and cracking potential of concrete...
Authors: Xin Feng, Jing Zhou
Abstract:A novel approach for crack identification based on jointly time-frequency analysis is presented in the paper. A bilinear stiffness model for...
Authors: Yong Hui Xie, Di Zhang, Zhen Ping Feng, Bi Sun
Abstract:Liquid corrosion of steam turbine blade has become an important reason for blade failure in supercritical parameter power plant and nuclear...
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