Experimental Mechanics in Nano and Biotechnology

Volumes 326-328

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.326-328

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Authors: Jennifer H. Shin, Barney Tam, Suk Hyun Song

Abstract: The conversion of chemical energy into mechanical forces that powers cell movements is a ubiquitous theme across biology. Besides molecular...

Authors: Kenji Machida, Tomoaki Oikawa, Junichi Shimanuki

Abstract: In generally, it is known that structures of living thing are optimized. The wings of a dragonfly are thin and light. Although it is having...

Authors: Li Li Xin, Gregory S. Chirikjian

Abstract: This paper concerns a mechanics of interactions of helical structures in proteins. Helices are the most important secondary structures of...

Authors: Ko Eun Lim, Suk Yung Park

Abstract: The inner ear hair cells, the receptors sensing mechanical stimuli such as acoustic vibration and acceleration, achieve remarkably high...

Authors: Jong Oh Kim, Jong Tae Jung, Won Youl Choi

Abstract: This study focused on the treatment performance of membrane bioreactor (MBR) coupled with intermittent ozone bubbling for the effective...

Authors: Chang Mok Choi, Hyon Yung Han, Jung Kim, Joo No Cheong

Abstract: In this work a method to characterize soft tissue properties for mechanical modeling is presented. Attention is especially focused on...

Authors: Yong Jun Ko, Chul Ho Cho, Joon Ho Maeng, Byung Chul Lee, Yoo Min Ahn, Nahm Gyoo Cho, Seoung Hwan Lee, Seung Yong Hwang

Abstract: This paper presents a microbiochip which can detect an antigen-antibody reaction through an electrical signal in real time with high...

Authors: Hyung Joon Kim, Seung Moo Han

Abstract: Most ultrasound diagnosing systems for osteoporosis lack diagnostic precision due to the measurement of specific regions of interest (ROI)....

Authors: Sang Hwan Lee, S.Y. Lee, Mi Suk Cho, Jae Do Nam, Hyouk Ryeol Choi, Ja Choon Koo, Young Kwan Lee

Abstract: Melt processable plasticized cellulose diacetate (CDA) was prepared using triacetin (TA) as a plasticizer and its mechanical properties...

Authors: Yoon Hyuk Kim, Chang Hwan Byun, Taek Yul Oh

Abstract: In this study, the change of the natural frequencies in mouse femurs with osteoporosis was investigated based on a vibration test and a...


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