Experimental Mechanics in Nano and Biotechnology

Volumes 326-328

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.326-328

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Authors: Min Rae Lee, Joon Hyun Lee

Abstract: This paper is focused on the capability of the Acousto-Ultrasonic (AU) technique and the non-contact technique to provide diagnostic...

Authors: Mei Yang, Shi Lin Yan, Mei Liu

Abstract: The cure kinetic properties of 191# resin was studied by means of the differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) data. Dynamic DSC scanning at...

Authors: Chang Oh Kim, Jin Heung Kim, Nak Kyu Chung

Abstract: This study aims to find out cooling characteristics of TMA 25wt%-water clathrate compound with ethanol such as supercooling, phase change...

Authors: Dong Soo Kim, Sang Kyu Bae, Byung Oh Choi

Abstract: This paper shows the performance analysis of a sealless cylinder with a conical type piston and one of three types of rod bearings. The...

Authors: Jang Hyun Lee, Kyung Ho Lee, Jong Sung Yun

Abstract: Eddy currents of electromagnetic field leads not only to the local heating of plate but also to the thermal-elasto-plastic deformation in...

Authors: Jang Hyun Lee, Kyung Ho Lee, Chan Woo Lee

Abstract: A finite element procedure to predict residual stresses on the multi-pass arc welding considering the multi-layered beads and solid–liquid...

Authors: Cai Nian Jing, Zuo Cheng Wang, Fu Tao Han, Wen Ping Zhang, Yan Hong Yi

Abstract: Warm-rolling can save the production cost and extend the production kind of hot-rolled IF steel strip, the precipitates strongly influence...

Authors: Dae Hee Lee, Chang Yul Lim, Min Hyon Jeon, Moon Kyoung Kim, Sung Bong Park, Kwan Soo Lee

Abstract: The micro-encapsulated thermochromic liquid crystal has been used for the surface temperature measurement using its color change with heat....

Authors: Ho Joon Cho, Chong Du Cho, Myoung Gu Kim, Ju Wong Maeng, Sang Kyo Lee

Abstract: In this experimental paper, the judder vibration of automotive disk brake was analyzed by the finite element method and compared with...

Authors: Dae Hee Lee, Chang Yul Lim, Kyoung Ill Yoon, Man Sig Kim, Moon Kyoung Kim, Sung Bong Park, Kwan Soo Lee

Abstract: The local heat transfer measurements in the cooling flow passage having both flat surface and semi-cylindrically grooved surface geometries...


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