Experimental Mechanics in Nano and Biotechnology

Volumes 326-328

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.326-328

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Authors: Se Doo Oh, Kyu Sun Lee, Jin Sun Kim, Sung Oug Cho, Young Ze Lee

Abstract: The CO2 was investigated as an alternative refrigerant to replace HFC (hydrofluorocarbons) refrigerant in air conditioning systems due to...

Authors: Sung Hoon Jeong, Seok Ju Yong, Tae Shik Ahn, Young Ze Lee

Abstract: Friction and wear characteristics between two steel surfaces under fretting condition are investigated experimentally. The fretting damage...

Authors: Guang Zhang, Guang Hua Tang, Jing Xi Chen, Ai Fang Zhou

Abstract: This paper introduces the method that determines rock bridge intensity based on rock discontinuity and connectivity ratio in the...

Authors: Seong Wook Lee, Dong Seop Han, Geun Jo Han

Abstract: This study was carried out to analyze the effect of wind load on the stability of an articulation type container crane using wind tunnel...

Authors: C.S. Kim, Il Ho Kim, Ik Keun Park, C.Y. Hyun

Abstract: The magnetic coercivity of martensitic 12Cr steel was measured in order to evaluate its degree of isothermal aging. As the aging time...

Authors: Bong Hak Choi, Woo Jung Kim, Chong Du Cho, Si Young Kwak, Cheong Kil Choi

Abstract: Noticeably in casting and heat treatment process, computational methods are commonly engaged to predict process and mechanical...

Authors: Tae Hyun Baek, Seung Kee Koh, Tae Geun Park

Abstract: hybrid experimental-numerical method is presented for determining the stresses around a circular hole in a finite-width, tensile loaded...

Authors: Jae Seob Kwak, Long Zhu Chi, Yang Koo, Yeong Deug Jeong, Man Kyung Ha

Abstract: This study aimed to achieve optimization of grinding parameters for aluminum-based metal matrix composites using response surface model and...

Authors: S.H. Choi, J.Y. Park, I.S. Shin, Seok Young Han

Abstract: Topology optimization of the inner reinforcement for a vehicle’s hood has been performed by evolutionary structural optimization (ESO)...

Authors: Jae Seok Choi, Jeong Hoon Yoo, Sang Joon Hong, Tae Hyun Kim, Sung Jin Lee

Abstract: Generally, a Johnsen-Rahbek (J-R) type electrostatic chuck (ESC) generates higher attractive force than a Coulomb type ESC. Attractive...


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