High-Performance Ceramics IV

Volumes 336-338

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.336-338

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Authors: Miao Jiang, Feng Hou, Ting Xian Xu

Abstract: Silicon nitride materials with low dielectric properties were prepared using nano and micron silicon nitride powders as raw materials and...

Authors: Jun Zhao, Shu Ping Gong, G. Xiong, X.H. Yu

Abstract: The sintering dynamics, microstructures and microwave dielectric properties of Bi2O3 and MnO2 co-doped [(Pb,Ca) La](Fe,Nb)O3 (PCLFN)...

Authors: Song Mei Yuan, Qiang Liu, Zhi Tong Chen, Chi Zhuang, Fang Wang

Abstract: A novel piezoelectric actuator used for transporting some living cells in micro fluidic systems is presented. The mechanism of the living...

Authors: Cheol Ho Kim, Hae Do Jung, Jang Oo Lee, Nam Ju Jo

Abstract: This study dealt with the Maxwell stress effect of waterborne polyurethane (WPU)/ conductive filler nanocomposite, which was a promising...

Authors: Shao Ze Yan, Fu Xing Zhang, Shi Zhu Wen

Abstract: The influence of electro-mechanical operation conditions on the actuation capabilities of the piezoelectric bimorph is investigated in this...

Authors: Shao Ze Yan, Kai Zheng, Jian Xun

Abstract: The responses of the piezoelectric stack actuator under electro-mechanical loading are investigated. Two types of tests are performed:...

Authors: Xiang Cheng Chu, Ren Bo Yan, Wen Gong, Long Tu Li

Abstract: The dynamic behavior of a vibration converter of an ultrasonic motor is described using finite element method. Tetrahedral finite elements...

Authors: You Guang Li, Zai Li Chen

Abstract: The paper presents a novel structure cylinder driving USM (ultrasonic motor). Through development and experimentation, the torque and...

Authors: Hye Ran Kang, Hae Do Jung, Jang Oo Lee, Nam Ju Jo

Abstract: Conducting polymer (CP) actuators undergo volumetric changes due to the movement of dopant ions into the film during the electrical...

Authors: Long Ma, Xiang Cheng Chu, Long Tu Li, Song Mei Yuan

Abstract: This article describes out-of-plane resonant modes of a piezoelectric disc structure. A new type of micro ultrasonic motor using the...


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