High-Performance Ceramics IV

Volumes 336-338

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.336-338

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Authors: Ming Hao Fang, Yan Gai Liu, Zhao Hui Huang

Abstract: Ni/Al-Al2O3 gradient ceramic coating was prepared on Q235 steel by plasma spraying. Microstructure and corrosion behavior in boiling 5%HCl...

Authors: Xin Gang Yu, Lan Yun Liu, Yan Bin Zuo, Lin Jiang Wang, Hong Wen Ma, Wen Yue Bi, Hui Feng Zhao, Li Wang, Fei Long, Wu Wen Luo

Abstract: X-ray diffraction (XRD) method to measure the residual stress existing in the metal substrate surface layer was introduced and the sol-gel...

Authors: Xin Gang Yu, Lan Yun Liu, Yi Gong, Hong Wen Ma, Wen Yue Bi, Hui Feng Zhao, Li Wang, Wu Wen Luo, Yan Bin Zuo

Abstract: The influence of heat-treated temperature and the CeO2 content on the chemical composition and the valence state of elements on surface of...

Authors: Shi Guo Du, Jun Yan, Hai Ping Cui, Xian Jie Liu

Abstract: Amorphous titania coatings on copper particles were prepared by using tetrabutyl titanate to improve the anticorrosion property. The coated...

Authors: Xin He, Jia Chen Liu, Rong Lei Men, Xin Xin Zhang

Abstract: Three mole percent Y2O3 doped tetragonal polycrystals (TZP) and stainless steel functionally graded materials (FGMs) were fabricated by...

Authors: Xiao Hong Chen, Yan Li, Bao Hong Tian, Yi Zhang, Juan Hua Su, Ping Liu

Abstract: A method of the aluminizing treatment on the surface of Cu-Al-Y alloy with addition of rare earth compound CeCl3 in 1173K was carried out....


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