High-Performance Ceramics IV

Volumes 336-338

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.336-338

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Authors: Hai Yan Du, Xiu Juan Ou, Jing Han, Yu Ling Wang

Abstract: Based on the relation between the stress intensity factor Ki and the crack velocity V, lifetime prediction and control were discussed and...

Authors: Xue Gao, Jia Xiang Shang, Yue Zhang

Abstract: The electronic structures of anatase titanium oxides (TiO2) substitutional doping with N, F, C, P and S for O have been studied by...

Authors: Xiang Yun Deng, Long Tu Li, Xiao Hui Wang, Zhi Lun Gui

Abstract: The full potential linearized augmented plane wave method within the generalized gradient approximation was used to calculate electronic...

Authors: Hua Jian Chang, Shu Wen Zhan

Abstract: A micromechanical approach is developed to investigate the behavior of composite materials, which undergo interfacial delamination. The...

Authors: Yue Zhang, Xue Gao, Jia Xiang Shang, Xiao Ping Han

Abstract: First-principles calculations have been widely used to describe the ground state properties of materials over almost 20 years. Recently, a...

Authors: Wei Wei Ju, Tong Wei Li

Abstract: The adsorption of Au on clean Si(001) surface is investigated by the local density approximation using first-principles pseudopotentials....

Authors: Yun Wan, Jiang Hong Gong, Ying Li

Abstract: Based on the observation that the ratio of the perimeter, P, to the square root of the area, A0.5, of the grains for a given material is...

Authors: Xiao Bo Lu, Xie Quan Liu, Xin Hua Ni, Shu Qin Zhang

Abstract: The composite ceramics that contains nano-fibers and transformation particles, fabricated through SHS process, is performed with high...

Authors: Bin Chen, Xiang He Peng, Xin Yan Wu

Abstract: The SEM observation on a conch’s shell shows that the shell is a kind of laminated bioceramic composite composed of aragonite layers and...

Authors: Guo Li Ji, Y. Lin, Y.P. Yang, Zhao Xian Xiong

Abstract: An improved serial computation method is proposed for simulating ceramic grain growth at an atomic scale. The data structure of a ternary...


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