High-Performance Ceramics IV

Volumes 336-338

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.336-338

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Authors: Yang Wu Mao, Shu Jie Li, Yan Zhang

Abstract: Joining of ceramics is of importance from both technical and economical points of view. Joining of recrystallized SiC ceramic to itself has...

Authors: Guo Sheng Gai, Jin Ping Li, Zhou Shun Zheng, Xiang Yang Hao, Yu Fen Yang

Abstract: Based on the fractal theories, using image processing software (IPS) to handle the scan electron microscope photos of particles, this paper...

Authors: Yi Wang Bao, Xiao Xue Bu, Yan Chun Zhou, Li Zhong Liu

Abstract: A relative method, defined as indirect approach to evaluate the material properties via the relationship between unknown properties and a...

Authors: Xin Yue Zhang, Jin Long Yang

Abstract: The compressive strengths of three kinds of ceramic microbeads, ZrO2 toughened mullite, zirconium silicate and industrial zirconia, were...

Authors: Kee Sung Lee, Sang Hyun Park, Ik Jin Kim

Abstract: A glass layer with high hardness and fatigue resistance is coated on the aluminum titanate (Al2TiO5) – mullite (3Al2O3β‹…2SiO2) composites to...

Authors: Süleyman Tekeli, Metin Gürü

Abstract: Yttria-stabilized cubic zirconia is well known the material that possesses high oxygen ionic conductivity and chemical stability over wide...

Authors: Zong Huai Li, Jiang Hong Gong, Zhi Jian Peng, He Zhuo Miao

Abstract: The nanoindentation unloading behavior of some brittle ceramics with modified surfaces was analyzed. It was found that the unloading data...

Authors: Zhi Xiong, Wan Jiang, Lian Jun Wang, Ying Shi

Abstract: Fatigue behaviors of conventional alumina ceramics in cyclic loading with hemisphere and cylinder punches are investigated with modified...

Authors: Chun Guang Li, Wen Jie Si, Wei Fang Zhang

Abstract: Dynamic fatigue behavior of two kinds of Y-TZP ceramics was investigated at room temperature. The results showed that dynamic fatigue and...

Authors: Xin Hua Ni, Zhan Jun Yao, Xie Quan Liu, Jun Ying Wang

Abstract: Recent experiment showed that nano-fibers composite ceramics, fabricated through SHS process, could acquire high toughening and...


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