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Authors: Zhi Xue Qu, Wei Pan, Chun Lei Wan, Ye Xia Qin
Authors: J.H. Liu, Y. Zhao, X.T. Zhu, Y. Wang
Abstract:In this paper, the effect of Cr2O3 addition on the electrical properties and microstructures of WO3-MnO2 ceramics was studied. The samples...
Authors: Jun Hui Xiang, Zhi Zhang, Fu Shi Zhang, Shoji Kaneko, Masayuki Okuya, Hui Ping Zhang
Abstract:For the first time, it was found that low-valence additives could be employed to improve the conversion efficiency of dye sensitized solar...
Authors: Song He Meng, Xing Hong Zhang, Wei Feng Zhang
Abstract:The reaction process and kinetics of Al-TiO2-C-Ti-Fe system were investigated by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) analysis, X-ray...
Authors: Qiang Shen, Y. Zhou, Jun Guo Li, W.J. Yuan, Lian Meng Zhang
Abstract:The reaction mechanism of silicon and iron composite powders was clarified during the fabrication of high silicon iron sheet with the...
Authors: Shang Yue Shen, Rui Yang, Qiang Shen, Chuan Bin Wang, Lian Meng Zhang
Abstract:Al2(1-x)MgxTi1+xO5(x=0.05-0.3) composite powder was prepared by the method of chemical coprecipitation and subsequent sintering using TiCl4,...
Authors: Ji Wei Gao, Qian Hong Shen, Ming Fang, Ping Wang, Li Li
Abstract:TiO2 sol containing nano anatase crystalline grains was prepared using Ti(OC4H9)4 as a precursor in a water-excessive reaction system. The...
Authors: Rui Zhang, Hai Long Wang, Ling Xin, Hong Liang Xu
Abstract:SiC/Cu composites were prepared by spark plasma sintering under different uniaxial pressure. X-ray diffraction (XRD), SEM techniques were...
Authors: Chung Chieh Lin, Wen Cheng J. Wei
Abstract:Sintering kinetics of the α-Al2O3 powders with average particle size 0.1 μm and ca.1% ZrO2 impurity was investigated. Several two-step...
Authors: Shu Ai Li, Da Nian Liu, Jiang Hong Gong
Abstract:A series of MnO-doped ZnO with different grain sizes and grain morphologies were prepared by sintering the samples at different temperatures...
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