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Authors: Yong Gao Yan, Xin Feng Tang, Hai Jun Liu, Ling Ling Yin, Qing Jie Zhang
Abstract:Ag1-xPbmSbTe2+m (m = 6, 10, 18; x = 0, 0.5, 0.75) compounds were prepared by melting-spark plasma sintering (SPS) process. The effects of m...
Authors: Wen Bing Zhang, Li Dong Chen, Xiao Ya Li
Abstract:Polycrystalline AgPb18+xSbTe20 compounds with different Pb contents (x=1-4) were prepared by melting method and spark plasma sintering...
Authors: Y. Gelbstein, Z. Dashevsky, R. Kreizman, Y. George, M. Gelbstein, M.P. Dariel
Abstract:Lead tin telluride based alloys are known p-type materials for thermoelectric applications, in the 50-600oC temperature range. These alloys...
Authors: Wei Ren, Xue Quan Liu, Xiao Lin Wang, Hong Yi Jiang
Abstract:Polycrystalline samples of Bi2Te3 based alloys were prepared by powder metallurgy processing including a melting-grinding and a sintering...
Authors: J.L. Cui, Y.L. Yuan, B. Hu, W. Yang
Abstract:Thermoelectric Ag-Bi-Sb-Te alloys with the general formula AgxBi0.5Sb1.5-xTe3 (x =0.05∼0.4) were prepared by spark plasma sintering and...
Authors: Yuan Deng, Chang Wei Cui, Lin Guo
Abstract:Bi porous films were prepared via a simple process which involves solvothermal or thermal treatment of Bi(NO3)3 and alumina membranes. The...
Authors: R. Kreizman, N. Traistman, M. Shaked, Z. Dashevsky, M.P. Dariel
Abstract:PbTe based semiconductors are characterized by a narrow energy gap and can be used for IR detectors, light emission diodes, lasers and...
Authors: I. Dahan, M.P. Dariel
Abstract:The present communication is concerned with the interdiffusion kinetics and the interface breakdown that take place in the Nb/NbC multilayer...
Authors: Qing Hua Wang, Jian Zhong Zhang, Li Li Zhang, Ze Shen Wang
Abstract:The conversion efficiency of heat to electricity is the basic parameter of thermoelectric element, thermoelectric unicouple and...
Authors: Tie Min Wang, Jian Zhong Zhang, Hong Kui Ma
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