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Authors: Zhao Hui Huang, Xun Hai Tang, Yan Gai Liu, Ming Hao Fang
Abstract:A new environment friendly method to synthesize sialon composites using fly ash with high content of Al2O3 by carbon-thermal...
Authors: Fei Wang, Wei Ping Shen, Ling Bai, Chang Chun Ge
Abstract:A combustion synthesis process was developed for the synthesis of magnesium silicon nitride powders in the Mg-Si-N system. The effects of...
Authors: Yong Qiang Meng, Zhi Min Bai, Chang Hong Dai, Bao Bao Zhang
Abstract:A new method for producing silicon carbide platelets with low cost and high yield was introduced. The silicon carbide platelets were...
Authors: Zhong Jun Qian, Zhao Hui Huang, Li Bing Liao, Yan Gai Liu
Authors: Yong Jie Yan, Zheng Ren Huang, Shao Ming Dong, Dong Liang Jiang
Abstract:Ultra-fine titanium diboride (TiB2) powders have been prepared by carbothermal reduction reactions in TiO2-B2O3-C system using tetrabutyl...
Authors: Chang An Wang, Chun Qing Peng, Yang Song, Yong Huang
Abstract:A synthesis method of high-pure Ti3AlC2 powder with a large scale was presented as pressureless synthesis using TiC, Ti and Al powders as...
Authors: Cui Wei Li, Hong Xiang Zhai, Yan Ding, Yang Zhou, Shi Bo Li, Zhi Li Zhang
Abstract:A search for Ti3Si1.2-xAlxC2 (x=0~1.2) solid solution was undertaken using precise X-ray diffraction measurements. The samples covering the...
Authors: Shi Bo Li, Hong Xiang Zhai, Guo Ping Bei, Yang Zhou
Abstract:Ti2SnC has been fabricated from Ti, Sn and graphite elemental powders by mechanically activated low-temperature synthesis (MALS) technique....
Authors: Yang Song, Chang An Wang, Chun Qing Peng, Yong Huang
Abstract:High-pure bulk Ti3SiC2 samples were fabricated by directly hot-pressing (HP) high-pure Ti3SiC2 powder without any additives at 1200°C to...
Authors: Wei Liu, Guo Sheng Gai, Qiang Xie, Yu Fen Yang
Abstract:Anhydrite powders with nanostructure surface were prepared in Ca(OH)2-H2O-CO2 system. The effects of preparation parameters such as Ca(OH)2...
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