High-Performance Ceramics IV

Volumes 336-338

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.336-338

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Authors: Mei Min Zhang, Bin Lin

Abstract: Zirconia Ferrule is a key part for manufacturing fiber connectors. The ceramic injection molding (CIM) process of the optical ferrule was...

Authors: Xin Xu, Toshiyuki Nishimura, Naoto Hirosaki, Rong Jun Xie, Yoshinobu Yamamoto, Hidehiko Tanaka

Abstract: In previous report, we succeeded in preparing dense nano-sized ceramics with the composition of Y- α-sialon (m=1.35, n=0.675) by...

Authors: Shu Hai Wang, Wen Liang Cui, Xian Feng Yang, Xiang Dong Yuan

Abstract: Gelcasting was used to form large and thin walled shapes of fused silica. Large square crucibles of 720x720x420 with a thickness of 14mm...

Authors: Xin Gang Yu, Yan Bin Zuo, Yi Gong, Zhi Peng Xie, Lan Yun Liu, Jin Long Yang, Jian Bao Li, Yong Huang, Lin Wang

Abstract: According to the heat transmission theory, in the aid of computer, the temperature distribution in the cylinder cavity was calculated. The...

Authors: Yin Wu, Wen Jie Si, He Zhuo Miao

Abstract: A new dewaxing method for low-pressure injection molded ceramics is presented. Supercritical extraction with carbon dioxide was used to...

Authors: Yan Gao, Kang Ming Huang, Zhen Kun Fan, Zhi Peng Xie

Abstract: Water-soluble binder based injection molding of submicrometer-sized and stabilized zirconia was reported in this paper. The binder phase is...

Authors: Xiao Jun Liu, Zhong Zhou Yi, Kang Ming Huang, Zhi Peng Xie, Yong Huang

Abstract: Two kinds of commercial alumina compacts made by injection molding with different solid loading are studied. Solid loading is the key...

Authors: Xin Gang Yu, Lan Yun Liu, Yan Bin Zuo, Zhi Peng Xie, Bo Lin Wu, Jin Long Yang, Jian Bao Li, Yong Huang, Lin Wang, Yi Gong

Abstract: A heated sprue device for ceramic injection moulding was used to research the defects in injection-moulded technical ceramics. By use of...

Authors: Xue Li Du, Ming Li Qin, Islam S. Humail, Pei Zhong Feng, Xuan Hui Qu

Abstract: In the present work the influence of two different thermal debinding atmosphere, vacuum and air, on the properties of 5wt% Y2O3-doped...

Authors: W. Liu, Y.X. Wang, Zhao Xian Xiong

Abstract: Single carrageenan and combinations of carrageenan with other polysaccharides, including locust bean gum and konjak gum, are applied to...


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