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Authors: Yong Ming Hu, Hao Shuang Gu, Jing You, Kai Hong Zheng, John Wang
Abstract:Lead titanate (PbTiO3) nanowires have been synthesized by hydrothermal method at 200°C for 48h using lead acetic and tetrabutyl titanate as...
Authors: Hyoun Woo Kim, S.H. Shim
Abstract:Branched SnO2 nanowires were prepared by heating Sn powders. SEM images indicated that the single branched nanowires had diameters in the...
Authors: Li Sun, Rui Long Zong, Shi Kao Shi, Ji Zhou
Abstract:Sulfide nanowire arrays have been synthesized by DC electrodeposition from an electrolyte containing S in DMSO. The AAO membrane with the...
Authors: Xiao Qiang An, Hua Zhang Zhai, Chuan Bao Cao, He Sun Zhu
Abstract:Boron carbide nanobelts have been synthesized successfully by carbothermal growth method. Boron oxide, activated carbon, gallium oxide and...
Authors: Yi Du, Wei Chang Hao, Jun Ying Zhang, Tian Min Wang
Abstract:In this paper, nanostructure zinc oxide (ZnO) hexagonal rods arrays on ZnO granular films coated substrates were fabricated by a simple...
Authors: Zhang Lian Hong, Huang Guo, Li Xia Peng, Min Quan Wang
Abstract:Yttrium oxide hydroxide nitrate (Y4O(OH)9NO3), which was prepared by polyvinyl alcoholassisted hydrothermal method from the Y(NO3)3 and KOH...
Authors: Yuan Deng, Jian Li, Lin Guo, Qin Lin Yang
Abstract:One-dimensional LaNiO3 nanochains can be generated with high yield by a simple calcination process using La(OH)3/Ni(OH)2 coaxial nanocables...
Authors: Jia Ming Sung, Sung En Lin, Wen Cheng J. Wei
Abstract:Cerium hydrate fiber (CHF), which showed an aspect ratio greater than 100, was synthesized by a novel method, which used the mixing of...
Authors: Xue Fei Zhao, Ye Xin Sun, Tian Jun Sun, Jie Shan Qiu
Abstract:A novel nano-material of carbon rod studded iron granules on its surface was prepared from needle coke with iron as catalyst by arc method...
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