Engineering Plasticity and Its Applications

Volumes 340-341

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Nan Li, Di Cui, Gang Bing Song

Abstract: Superelasticity is one of the most important properties of shape memory alloy. In this paper, the superelastic deformation behavior of NiTi...

Authors: Zhen Dong Hu, Qing Ping Sun, Zheng Zhong

Abstract: Recent uniaxial tension tests have shown that stress-induced phase transformation in NiTi SMAs tubes can lead to helical-type localized...

Authors: Hisaaki Tobushi, Kazumasa Hoshio, Shunichi Hayashi, Norio Miwa

Abstract: The shape-memory composite belt with a TiNi-SMA wire fiber and a polyurethane-SMP sheet matrix was fabricated. The bending actuation...

Authors: Ryosuke Matsui, Hisaaki Tobushi, Yoshiyasu Makino

Abstract: In this study, we performed the bending fatigue test and investigated the influence of strain ratio on fatigue life in TiNi shape memory...

Authors: Takeshi Iwamoto, Mohammed Cherkaoui, Esteban P. Busso

Abstract: In this study, the simulation of the motion of an interface during the stress-induced martensitic transformation of a shape memory alloy is...

Authors: Keiichiro Tohgo, Yuki Tochigi, Hiroyasu Araki, Yoshinobu Shimamura

Abstract: This study deals with deformation behavior of a shape-control plate which consists of an aluminum alloy plate and a pre-strained NiTi shape...

Authors: Elzbieta Pieczyska, W.K. Nowacki, T. Sakuragi, Hisaaki Tobushi

Abstract: The characteristics of energy storage and dissipation in TiNi shape memory alloys were investigated experimentally based on the...

Authors: Hisaaki Tobushi, Y. Ejiri, Shunichi Hayashi, Norio Miwa

Abstract: The influence of the strain-holding conditions on shape recovery and secondary-shape forming was investigated. The results obtained are...

Authors: Fusao Oka, T. Kodaka, Sayuri Kimoto, R. Kato, S. Sunami

Abstract: In this paper, a soil-water coupled elasto-plastic finite element analysis is applied to the problem of seepage flow by incorporating...

Authors: Shou Ju Li, Ying Xi Liu, Hai Yun Cao, Dong Cheng

Abstract: A tangent modulus of soil mass which allows for a piece-wise linear approximation of the hyperbolic response curve is particularly suited...


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