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Authors: F.L. Chen, P. Hu, T.X. Yu
Abstract:This paper is concerned with the geometrical similarity of heat conduction-elastioplastic structural problems. When the dimensions of a...
Authors: Lee Ku Kwac, Hong Gun Kim, Hang Woo Kim
Abstract:The common transportation methods for the consumers of the ironwork such as the steel roll coils manufactured from the steelworks were...
Authors: Y.H. Kim, Xiang Ma, H.C. Baek, Chang Hwy Lim
Abstract:In this paper, a modified slab analysis has been used to determine the pressure distribution in the cylindrical compaction of aluminum...
Authors: R. Lupoi, F.H. Osman (1)
Abstract:The Channel Angular Extrusion (CAE) technique is a process, in which a deformable solid material is led to yielding through the intersection...
Authors: Lin Cong Zhou, Long Zhu Chen
Abstract:This paper proposes a reliable and computationally efficient finite-element model (Partial Fiber Model) for the nonlinear analysis of...
Authors: Yan Gang Zhao, Yue Feng Geng, Kazuhiro Yoshihara
Abstract:In ultimate asseismic design of ductile frame structures, plastic deformation and plastic hinge are generally permitted, and some preferred...
Authors: Minoru Yamashita, Toshio Hattori, Naoya Nishimura, Y. Tange
Abstract:Various polygonal tubes were compressed in the axial direction under quasi-static and dynamic loading conditions. The effect of the...
Authors: Yan Gang Zhao, Wu Chuan Pu, Hong Nan Li, Tetsuro Ono
Abstract:Ductile frame structures are generally designed with column over-design factors (COF) to assure plastic hinges occurring in all beams and...
Authors: Masami Kobayashi, Koji Uetani, Tomohiro Mikami
Abstract:The symmetry limit theory for 3-D continua developed by the authors, is applied to predictions of the occurrence limit of nonuniform strain...
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