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Authors: Takashi Asada, Nobutada Ohno
Abstract:In this study, to determine incremental, perturbed displacement fields in periodic elastoplastic solids, an incremental homogenization...
Authors: Tatsuo Inoue, Youichi Watanabe, Kazuo Okamura, Michiharu Narazaki, Hayato Shichino, Dong Ying Ju, Hideo Kanamori, Katsumi Ichitani
Abstract:As one of the activities carried out by our group of IMS-VHT (Virtual Heat Treatment tool for monitoring and optimising HT process), results...
Authors: Ti Kun Shan, Wei Gang Zhang, Zhong Qin Lin, Shu Hui Li
Abstract:The dependence of the transformation rate on the multiaxial stress state corresponding to different loading paths is investigated. On the...
Authors: Tomohiro Takaki, Yoshihiro Tomita
Abstract:We have developed a phase-field model which can simulate the growth process of self-assembled SiGe/Si islands during deposition. The novel...
Authors: Tao Suo, Yu Long Li, Yuan Yong Liu
Abstract:In this paper, the mechanical behavior of a PMMA used as the windshield of aircraft was tested. The experiments were finished under two...
Authors: Qiang Ge, Xu Jia Ding, Gang Wu, Song Liang, Si Zhu Wu
Abstract:In this study, the thermal analysis FTIR Micro-Spectroscopy method was used to observe the energy changes of the functional groups of...
Authors: Wen Bo Luo, Chu Hong Wang, Rong Guo Zhao
Abstract:The uniaxial tensile creep of a commercial grade Poly(methyl methacrylate) was measured for 4000 seconds under various temperatures and...
Authors: Yukio Sanomura, Mamoru Mizuno
Abstract:A viscoplastic constitutive equation based on the kinematic hardening creep theory of Malinin-Khadjinsky and the nonlinear kinematic...
Authors: Kunio Hayakawa, Yukio Sanomura, Mamoru Mizuno, Yukio Kasuga, Tamotsu Nakamura
Abstract:Finite element analysis of V-bending process of polypropylene was performed using hydrostatic-dependent elastic-plastic constitutive...
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