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Authors: Xiao Dong Hu, Dong Ying Ju
Abstract:Twin-roll thin strip casting process combines casting and hot rolling process into a single step; in which melt and solid states exist in...
Authors: Ichiro Shimizu, Naoya Tada
Abstract:Biaxial compression tests with an abrupt strain path change have been performed on polycrystalline aluminum to investigate the plastic...
Authors: Junko Minematsu, Yasuhide Nakayama, Ichiro Shimizu, Tetsuo Naka
Authors: Takeshi Uemori, T. Kuramitsu, Ryutaro Hino, Tetsuo Naka, Fusahito Yoshida
Abstract:This paper deals with experimental observations and modeling of plastic deformations of a high strength steel sheet (HSS sheet) under...
Authors: Masatsugu Yaguchi, Masato Yamamoto, Takashi Ogata, Nobutada Ohno
Abstract:The monotonic tensile and creep deformations of a directionally solidified (DS) superalloy are investigated for several loading directions....
Authors: Masafumi Akamatsu, Kazuhiko Nakane, Nobutada Ohno
Abstract:In this study, a linearization approach is used to develop an implicit integration scheme for high-temperature inelastic constitutive models...
Authors: Seung Chae Yoon, Young Gi Jeong, Sun Ig Hong, Byong Sun Chun, Hong Rho Lee, Kyeong Ho Baik, Hyoung Seop Kim
Abstract:Mg and Mg alloys are promising materials for light weight high strength applications. In this paper, grain refinement of pure Mg using...
Authors: S.H. Cho, Sung Won Youn, C.G. Kang
Abstract:The nano/microstructure and mechanical/tribological properties of the eutectic regions in thixo/rheo-cast A356 alloy parts were investigated...
Authors: Sang Bae Jeon, Tae Wan Ku, Jeong Kim, Beom Soo Kang
Abstract:Mechanical damping systems have been widely used to various industrial structures and are mainly hydraulic and pneumatic devices nowadays....
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