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Authors: Takayuki Hama, Masato Takamura, Cristian Teodosiu, Akitake Makinouchi, Hirohiko Takuda
Abstract:This paper describes the effect of tool modeling accuracy on the accuracy of springback simulation in sheet metal forming. Simulations of a...
Authors: Seijiro Maki, Yuuki Tanaka, Kenichiro Mori
Abstract:Resistance heating performance in some shaped blanks of high-strength steel sheet is examined by experiment and FE simulation, and the...
Authors: Tadahiro Kawase, Hiroyuki Shiozaki, Toshitaka Iwauchi
Abstract:During lumber rolling, a fixation device is typically installed just behind the work roll to set up the delivery thickness and to fix the...
Authors: C.J. Tan, Y. Abe, Kenichiro Mori, O. Ebihara, T. Nonaka
Abstract:The wall thickness around an inner corner in 3-stages formed cups with a flange was increased by means of conical punches in the 1st and 2nd...
Authors: Ryutaro Hino, Akihiko Sasaki, Fusahito Yoshida, Vassili V. Toropov
Abstract:In this study, a new simulation-based design technique for multi-stage metal forming process is developed with special emphasis on reduction...
Authors: Y. Abe, J. Watanabe, Kenichiro Mori
Abstract:A forming sequence of one-piece automobile steel wheels without welding was designed. In this forming process, the one-piece wheel was...
Authors: Bing Ye Xu, Jie Qu, Quan Lin Jin, Han Xiong Huang
Abstract:Dynamic recrystallization, on which grain size of the final forging depends mainly, is one of the most important microstructure evolution...
Authors: Otto T. Bruhns
Abstract:Recently it has been demonstrated that the classical Prandtl/Reuss theory based on the additive split of the deformation rate contrary to...
Authors: Hua Lin Song, Takeji Abe
Abstract:The mi c ros copi c pl as t i c de format ion behavior of pol yc r ys t al l ine aluminum shee t dur ing uni axi al t ens ion i s exper...
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