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Authors: Yeong Maw Hwang, Bing Hong Chen, Wen Chan Chang
Abstract:A successful THF process depends largely on the loading paths for controlling the relationship between the internal pressure, axial feeding...
Authors: Dian Yao Gong, Jian Zhong Xu, Xiao Hui Cai, Hui Zheng, Xiang Hua Liu, Guo Dong Wang
Authors: Ying Hong Peng, Qun Feng Chang, Da Yong Li, Hu Jie, Xiao Qin Zeng
Abstract:Blank holder force (BHF) plays an important role in sheet metal forming. Previous studies demonstrated that variable blank holder forces can...
Authors: Dong Hwan Jang, Beong Bok Hwang
Abstract:This paper is concerned with the analysis of plastic deformation of bimetal co-extrusion process. Extrusion is related to large deformation...
Authors: Jung Min Seo, Dong Hwan Jang, K.H. Min, H.S. Koo, S.H. Kim, Beong Bok Hwang
Abstract:Combined extrusion processes generally have advantages of forming in terms of the minimum deformation power since the material is pressed...
Authors: H.S. Koo, V.R. Jayasekera, K.H. Min, Jung Min Seo, Dong Hwan Jang, J.H. Ok, Beong Bok Hwang
Abstract:This paper is concerned with the pressure distribution along the die-powder interface in long parts. The pressure exerted on the interface...
Authors: Hu Jie, Ji Long Yin
Abstract:Numerical simulation technology has been used widely in plastic forming area. However, the simulation of increasingly complex forming...
Authors: Jong Sup Lee, Yoon Ki Ko, Hoon Huh, Hong Ki Kim, Sung Ho Park
Abstract:This paper is concerned with hole flangeability of steel sheet, which is evaluated by experiment and finite element analysis with respect to...
Authors: Shao Rui Zhang, Da Yong Li, Zhong Wei Yin, Ying Hong Peng, Fei Zhou
Abstract:It has long been found that the crystal orientations would induce macroscopic anisotropy during deformation process, and then affect the...
Authors: Young Suk Kim, Jun Young Park, Seo Gou Choi, Hyun Sung Son, Seung Han Yang
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