Engineering Plasticity and Its Applications

Volumes 340-341

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Kittikorn Ngampungpis, Hiroyuki Hirakata, Takayuki Kitamura

Abstract: The transition from SSC to LSC ahead of a crack tip (notch root) or an ordinary interface edge (bad pair) causes stress relaxation and the...

Authors: Cong Ling Zhou, Shinichi Nishida, Nobusuke Hattori

Abstract: Structural steel is widely used in engineering even in nowadays and many new materials have been developed or are under developing. As one...

Authors: Hiroshi Matsuno

Abstract: Experimental characteristics of complementary plastic energy produced by a stress-strain hysteresis curve at a saturated stage in low cycle...

Authors: Mian Zhang, Shinichi Nishida, Nobusuke Hattori, Wen Xian Sun

Abstract: In this study, the authors have investigated and compared the effects of roller working and ion nitriding on fatigue properties of...

Authors: Satoshi Kajino, Motoo Asakawa

Abstract: The mechanical and electrical applications of fine wires (D = 0.1 mm) has become more widely spread. In general, it is well known that fine...

Authors: Yun Wang, Hidehiko Kimura, Yoshiaki Akiniwa, Keisuke Tanaka

Abstract: Both EBSD and AFM methods were used to investigate the active slip systems and fatigue crack initiation behavior in face-centered cubic...

Authors: Hideki Oka, Ryoichi Narita, Yoshiaki Akiniwa, Keisuke Tanaka

Abstract: Tension-compression fatigue tests under various mean stress conditions were conducted with round bar specimens of short glass fiber...

Authors: Nobusuke Hattori, Shinichi Nishida, Priyo Tri Iswanto

Abstract: In order to study the effect of plastic working on fatigue strength of notched specimen, pulsating fatigue tests had been performed on...

Authors: Hiroichi Hase, Shigeo Kotake, Mitsuhiro Ohota, Hiroshi Kawakami, Yasuyuki Suzuki

Abstract: In this study, we propose a new technique to evaluate some properties during fracture propagation, such as stress at the crack surface and...

Authors: J. Lin, J. Luo, Trevor A. Dean

Abstract: A novel optimization approach is proposed to extract mechanical properties of a power law material from its given experimental...


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