High-Performance Ceramics V

Volumes 368-372

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.368-372

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Authors: Jin Liang He, Jun Hu, Feng Chao Luo

Abstract: This paper systematically analyzes the microstructural nonuniformity of ZnO varistors when Al2O3 dopants are added. The introduction of...

Authors: Zhen Ya Lu, Yu Xiang Liu, Zhi Wu Chen, Jian Qing Wu

Abstract: The effect of Ho2O3 doping on the electrical properties and microstructure of ZnO base varistor was investigated. It was found that Ho2O3...

Authors: Jun Hu, Jin Liang He, Feng Chao Luo

Abstract: The numerical simulation is an effective method for researching the relationship between macroscopic properties of ZnO varistors and their...

Authors: Feng Chao Luo, Jin Liang He, Yuan Hua Lin, Jun Hu

Abstract: ZnO varistors with higher voltage gradients are expected in the power system, and the key to this property is to diminish the grain size....

Authors: Ji Wei Fan, Robert Freer

Abstract: Dense tin oxide based ceramics are a new type of varistor materials. To further understand the electrical properties of SnO2 varistors...

Authors: Shu Ping Gong, Li Hua Huang, Huan Liu, Ming Li, Dong Xiang Zhou

Abstract: Nanocrystalline thick-film gas sensor was fabricated by screen printing method with CuO-doped tin oxide powder synthesized by hydrothermal...

Authors: Jian Li, Shan Liu, Wei Pan

Abstract: Co-doped tin oxide thin films were prepared using spin-coating method. Variation of doping content on the magnetic property and optical...

Authors: Yang Yang, Xiao Hui Wang, Long Tu Li

Abstract: Multistep electrochemical anodization is an electrochemical experiment orderly conducting in different electrolytes. In this paper, TiO2...

Authors: Jin Liang Tao, Jian Ling Zhao, Rong Qing Xu, Ying Juan Mi, Ying Ru Kang, Yang Xian Li

Abstract: The self-organized nanotube arrays were fabricated in glycerol electrolyte containing different additives, such as deionized water or...

Authors: Rui Zhang, Hui Wu, Dan Dan Lin, Wei Pan

Abstract: Thin Mn2(NO3)2/PVA precursor nanowire was fabricated via electrospinning technology at a low temperature in this paper. After dried at...


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