High-Performance Ceramics V

Volumes 368-372

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.368-372

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Authors: Dao Yuan Yang, Fen Ling Qian, Kai Zhu, Zhan Ling Lu, Rui Zhang

Abstract: Hexagonal MgAl2O4 spinel fibers were synthesized at 1500oC for 6h in nitrogen atmosphere. The structure and morphology of the fibers were...

Authors: Jie Zhang, Deng Xue Wu, Xiang Hui Chang, Tie Cheng Lu, Yi Hang Jiang, Jian Guo Zhu

Abstract: Dielectric constant and dielectric dissipation of MgAl2O4 transparent nano-ceramics were measured at different frequencies. The results...

Authors: Xue Jun Wang, Tie Cheng Lu, Yue Feng Sun

Abstract: To determine the optimal doping concentration, a series of Mn:MgAl2O4 were successfully prepared through vacuum-sintering with the highest...

Authors: Yue Feng Sun, Tie Cheng Lu, Xue Jun Wang, Mu Yun Lei, Cun Xin Huang

Abstract: 5.0at% and 10.0at% Mn-doped MgAl2O4 transparent ceramics have been prepared through vacuum sintering (1750°C /2h) and subsequent hot...

Authors: Zhi Hui Chen, Jiang Tao Li, Jiu Jun Xu

Abstract: Yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) nanopowders were synthesized by n-amyl co-precipitation method. Transparent YAG ceramics were achieved by...

Authors: Shi Hong Tong, Tie Cheng Lu, Wang Guo, Hui Xu, Yong Chao Li, Rui Xiao Fang

Abstract: Pure-phase 2at% Nd:YAG powder was synthesized by alcohol-water co-precipitation method. 2at% Nd:YAG ceramics were sintered at 1780 °C for...

Authors: Yong Chao Li, Wang Guo, Tie Cheng Lu, Shi Hong Tong, Rui Xiao Fang, Hui Xu

Abstract: In this paper, pure phase Nd-doped YAG powders were prepared by co-precipitation method with different amount of MgO (0~ 0.6 wt %) as...

Authors: Min Zhou, Cheng Zhang, Wen Bo Bu, Lei Wang, Qiang Li

Abstract: By means of co-precipitation, pure YAG phase was synthesized from the reaction of aluminum yttrium and cerium nitrates with ammonia as...

Authors: Tao Feng, Jian Lin Shi, Hai Fang Xu, Dan Yu Jiang

Abstract: Nd:Gd2O3-HfO2 powder has been prepared with a co-precipitation method. The size of Nd:Gd2O3-HfO2 powder is near 50nm. Transparent...

Authors: Jin Song Wen, Tie Cheng Lu, Jian Qi Qi, Ji Cheng Zhou, Wei Pang, Hai Ping Wang, Jun Feng He, Zhi Jun Liao, Deng Xue Wu

Abstract: Single-phase aluminum oxynitride powders were obtained by varying the holding temperature (T) and the weight percentage of α-Al2O3 in Al2O3...


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