High-Performance Ceramics V

Volumes 368-372

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.368-372

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Authors: Xiu Mei Han, J. Lin, M. Yu, C.K. Lin, Xi Wei Qi, Xiao Qin Wang

Abstract: Spherical SiO2 particles were coated with Ca2Y8(SiO4)6O2:Eu3+ phosphor layers through a sol-gel process. The results of XRD (X-ray...

Authors: Xiao Xu, Li Mei Cao, Dan Yu Jiang, Qiang Li

Abstract: The luminescent properties of SrAl2O4 based materials were studied systematically, which emit long persisting phosphorescence with high...

Authors: Jin Hu, Kai Jun Wang, Xiao Quin Zhu, Jian Liang Liu

Abstract: A new method for preparing long afterglow phosphor and properties had been studied in the paper. In the new process the activated Al-Sr...

Authors: Cheng Zhang, Yi Kun Liao, Dan Yu Jiang

Abstract: Ultrafine cerium-doped GSAG phosphor powders are prepared by a solution combustion process using glycine and urea as fuel. Single-phase...

Authors: Xiu Mei Han, J. Lin, M. Yu, C.K. Lin, Xi Wei Qi, Ming Ya Li, Xiao Qin Wang

Abstract: Y2SiWO8:Dy3+ phosphors were prepared through a sol-gel process. XRD and photoluminescence spectra were used to characterize the resulting...

Authors: Y.Y. Chen, C.X. Song, Zhao Xian Xiong

Abstract: Rare earth phosphors of Ca0.85(W1-xMox)O4:Eu0.15 (x=0.00-0.50) were synthesized via solidstate reaction in air. The lattice parameters...

Authors: Chang Hua Cheng, You Na Wu, Zhao Xian Xiong

Abstract: Hexagonal NaYF4 crystals co-doped with different concentration of Yb3+ and Er3+ ions were synthesized via hydrothermal reaction route. The...

Authors: You Na Wu, Chang Hua Cheng, Zhao Xian Xiong

Abstract: Hexagonal NaYF4:Ln3+ (Ln3+=Yb3+ and Tm3+) was prepared via solid-state synthesis route. The synthesized powders were identified with X-ray...

Authors: Tie Cheng Lu, Xiang Hui Chang, Jie Zhang, Jian Qi Qi, Xiang Jie Luo

Abstract: The transparent nanocrystalline MgAl2O4 spinel ceramics were synthesized at lowtemperature and high-pressure conditions with low-cost...

Authors: Long Chen, Qi Zhang, Wen Ping Chen, Yao Gang Li, Yan Mo Chen, Mei Fang Zhu

Abstract: Ultrafine MgAl2O4 powders were synthesized by a nitrate-citrate sol-gel combustion process using Al(NO3)3·9H2O, Mg(NO3)2·6H2O and...


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