High-Performance Ceramics V

Volumes 368-372

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.368-372

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Authors: Wen Deng Wang, Fu Qiang Huang, Yu Juan Xia, Xin Ping Lin, Min Ling Liu, Jian Lin Shi

Abstract: ZnS:Cu,Cl phosphors were synthesized by high temperature (1200 °C) solid state reaction, mechanical milling (rotation speed = 0, 75, 150,...

Authors: Yu Juan Xia, Wei Feng Liu, Fu Qiang Huang, Wen Deng Wang, Xin Ping Lin, Min Ling Liu, Jian Lin Shi

Abstract: Eu-doped CaS phosphors were prepared from sulfurization of CaCO3 in H2S gas without flux. The doping of Eu activator was conducted in two...

Authors: Hui Wang, Tong Wei Li, Zheng Xin Tang, Jing Han You, Xiang Ru Liu, Qing Dong Chen

Abstract: SiC films were prepared by HFCVD technique on (111) Si substrate. The composition and the structure of the films were investigated using...

Authors: G.X. Liu, F.K. Shan, Byoung Chul Shin, Won Jae Lee

Abstract: Pulsed laser deposition (PLD) technique is a very powerful method for fabricating various oxide thin films due to its native merits. In...

Authors: M.T. Tsai, H.C. Chang, P.J. Tsai

Abstract: Transparent ZnO and aluminum-doped zinc oxide (AZO) thin films were prepared via the sol-gel process on glass substrates using an alcoholic...

Authors: Yang Feng Huang, Han Ning Xiao, Shu Guang Chen

Abstract: ZnO nanorods were prepared by a hydrothermal reaction in the presence or absence of PVP (polyvinyl pyrrolidone). The obtained products were...

Authors: Yan Huang, Jian Feng Huang, Li Yun Cao, Jian Peng Wu, Dong Xu Chen

Abstract: Sm2O3 optical thin films were prepared by hydrothermal method using samarium dichloride as source material. The influence of preparation...

Authors: Xin Min Wang, Bo Liu, Hong Hua Cai, Zhong Kuang Luo, Xiang Zhong Ren, Jian Hong Liu, Pei Xin Zhang, Fang Wang

Abstract: WO3 sol was prepared through the sol-gel process. Ethanol, acetone and SiO2 sol were added to the WO3 sol. The WO3 thin films on glass...

Authors: Xiao Jian Mao, Shi Wei Wang, Shunzo Shimai

Abstract: This work studies the effects of microstructure and relative density on the dielectric constant of porous silica prepared by two different...

Authors: Lin Jiang Wang, Xiang Li Xie

Abstract: Porous silica was prepared by selective leaching of metakaolinite with 20 mass% HCl solution. The metakaolinite was derived from the 1:1...


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