High-Performance Ceramics V

Volumes 368-372

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.368-372

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Authors: Song Mei Yuan, Lu Tao Yan, Qiang Liu

Abstract: A novel nebulizer used in near dry machining systems for supplying cutting fluids and cooling air is presented. The nebulizer includes...

Authors: Hong Mei Liu, Quan Liang Zhao, Cheng Jun Qiu, Mao Sheng Cao

Abstract: A sol-gel technology to fabricate PZT thick film for cantilever beam was investigated. In this process, PZT nano-powder is dispersed into a...

Authors: Deng Hua Li, Shu Hui Yang, Jing Min Gao, Yong Cheng Ma

Abstract: The magnitude versus frequency performance for a vibration acceleration sensor based on metal-ceramic piezocomposite transducer (cymbal)...

Authors: Shan Liu, Jian Li, Wei Pan

Abstract: BiFeO3 films were prepared by chemical solution method on Pt/Ti/SiO2/Si substrates. The ferroelectric properties of Pt/BiFeO3/Pt capacitors...

Authors: Ming Kwei Lee, Chih Feng Yen, Tsung Hsiang Shih, Chen Lia Ho, Hung Chang Lee, Hwai Fu Tu, Cho Han Fan

Abstract: The high Dit is the major problem of III-V compound semiconductor MOSFET, which causes the pinning of the surface Fermi level near the...

Authors: Rui Zhang, Hai Long Wang, Hong Liang Xu, Hong Xia Lu, Dao Yuan Yang

Abstract: SiC-based boundary layer capacitors were prepared by hot pressing. XRD, TEM and the high-resolution TEM techniques were used to...

Authors: Xi Tang Wang, Girish M. Kale

Abstract: Microwave sintering behaviors of four different compositions of YSZ electrolyte materials were investigated. The samples were sintered in...

Authors: Min Fang Han, Ling Zhi Cheng, Hui Yan Yin, Xiu Ling Tang

Abstract: With the YSZ nano-powders as raw materials, the thin electrolyte film was prepared by tape calendaring, then fired by a three-step...

Authors: H. Zhang, H.T. Zhou, Bill Bergman, Z.C. Li

Abstract: Ceria oxygen-ion conductors doped with M2O3 (M=La, Nd, Sm and/or Ga) were prepared by a wet chemical method. Phases were analyzed by X-ray...

Authors: Xiang Feng Guan, Yan An Wang, He Ping Zhou, Li Hua Zhou

Abstract: A citrate gel method was applied to synthesize Ce0.8Sm0.2O1.9 powders by using cerium and samarium nitrates as raw materials and citric...


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