High-Performance Ceramics V

Volumes 368-372

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.368-372

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Authors: Cheng Hsing Hsu, Hsin Han Tung, Chun Hung Lai, Man Hsiang Chung

Abstract: CeO2 ceramics with ZnO additions (1 and 2 wt%) were prepared with conventional solid-state route have been investigated. Doping with ZnO...

Authors: Ying He, He Ping Zhou, Han Feng Wang

Abstract: The cordierite powders have been synthesized by low temperature combustion technique using urea as fuel, nitrates as oxidizer and silicic...

Authors: F. Xiao, Zhao Xian Xiong, X.Y. Dong, G.S. Yang

Abstract: Automatic measurement system with multimode for microwave ceramic materials is developed. Based on traditional parallel-plate resonance...

Authors: Wei Luo, Qui Yun Fu, Jian Lin Wang, Huan Liu, Dong Xiang Zhou

Abstract: The wireless passive surface acoustic wave (SAW) impedance-loaded sensors offer new and exciting perspectives for remote monitoring and...

Authors: Xiang Cheng Chu, Long Ma, Long Tu Li, Zhi Lun Gui

Abstract: A micro piezoelectric motor with a disk-pivot structure is presented. Different from conventional wobble-type piezoelectric motor using...

Authors: Cheol Ho Yun, Wan Soo Kim, Hyun Rok Cha, Tea Uk Jung, Sun Kyu Lee

Abstract: New holding mechanism is proposed to improve the positioning capability of ultrasonic linear motor based on previous researches proposed by...

Authors: Ye Ji, Xiang Cheng Chu, Long Tu Li, Zhi Lun Gui

Abstract: A novel rotary piezoelectric micro-motor (φ8mm×10mm) is proposed in this paper. Different from the conventional traveling wave ultrasonic...

Authors: Hyun Rok Cha, K.S. Lee, Cheol Ho Yun, Hyeon Taek Son, Tea Uk Jung

Abstract: In this paper, we suggested the new standards of motor design in using of Soft magnetic composite (SMC) material. Previous motor design in...

Authors: Bao Wei Wang, Xiang Cheng Chua, Long Tu Li

Abstract: This paper presents a valve-less micropump which is actuated by a piezoelectric ceramic chip. We employ a microelectromechanical system...

Authors: Xiang Cheng Chu, Jin Ding Huang, Long Tu Li, Zhi Lun Gui

Abstract: A novel model of 3-DOF multilayer PZT micromanipulator is promoted and simulated with finite element analysis method. States under...


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