High-Performance Ceramics V

Volumes 368-372

doi: 10.4028/www.scientific.net/KEM.368-372

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Authors: Li Jian Ding, You Ping Tu, C.R. Li, Jing Chun Wang

Abstract: This paper investigated the influence of sintering temperature on the dielectric performance of alumina ceramic. Three different kinds of...

Authors: Rui Fen Wu, Wei Pan, Shan Liu, Jian Li

Abstract: Sol-gel method has been adopted to synthesize CuFeO2 powder. Precursor solutions and heat treatment conditions were studied using thermal...

Authors: Min Ling Liu, Fu Qiang Huang, Li Dong Chen

Abstract: A series of Cu1-xAlS2 (x = 0 ~ 0.08) bulk samples were synthesized by spark plasma sintering. The electrical and optical properties were...

Authors: Xin Xu, Ren Li Fu, José Maria F. Ferreira

Abstract: We describe the production of complex shaped ceramic green bodies with high strength and reliability using a novel forming method:...

Authors: Fan Cheng Meng, Zheng Yi Fu, Wei Min Wang, Qing Jie Zhang

Abstract: Polycrystalline alumina was prepared at high temperature and high pressure from combustion reaction plus mechanical pressure. The defect...

Authors: Hai Da Liao, Lian Xiao Huang, Yan Bin Meng, Bo Lin Wu, Lian Meng Zhang

Abstract: α-Al2O3 nanopowders were prepared by a novel synthesis process, using the nanosized α-Al2O3 obtained from pyrolyzing ammonium aluminum...

Authors: Yun Huang, Ling Chen, Jian Dong Ye, Xiao Xi Li, Xi Mei Zhang, Chen Hui Ju

Abstract: A modified starch was employed to be the pore former in the in-situ consolidation forming process of porous alumina ceramic. In order to...

Authors: Cheng Wei Hao, Bo Lin Wu, Ji Yan Li

Abstract: Ammonium aluminium carbonate hydroxide (AACH), with a small quantity of γ-AlOOH, was synthesized through solid-state reaction at room...

Authors: Wei Quan Shao, Shaou Chen, Da Li, Ping Qi, Yong Wan, Yong Cheng Zhang

Abstract: The sintering activation energy of high-purity alumina powders with different particle sizes was evaluated under non-isothermal condition....

Authors: An Ze Shui, Ling Ke Zeng, Ping An Liu, Xiao Su Cheng, Hui Wang

Abstract: A new control method of the particle orientation structure with super high magnetic field is studied for Al2O3 ceramics. Al2O3 slurry was...


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