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Edited by: Pavel Reiterman
Online since: January 2018

The 14th International Conference "Special Concrete and Composites" (October 10-11, 2017, Skalský Dvůr, Czech Republic) was focused on the problems of preparing and use of the special concretes and composites in the practice of the contemporary construction. We hope that published results will be useful for many specialists from the area of building materials and concrete structures.
Using of special concretes and composites is often closely connected with severe loading conditions of final elements. Design and development of mentioned materials must take account of basic properties of all components because they can be special by their binder system, used fillers or by other technological solutions.


Edited by: Prof. Gu Xu
Online since: January 2018
Description: This collection of the scientific articles is based on the results of the 2nd International Conference on Advanced Functional Materials (ICAFM, August 4-6, 2017, Los Angeles, United States) and сovers a wide range of last research results in area of functional materials - their properties and their possible practical application in the various branches of the modern production. We hope that presented collection will be useful and interesting for many engineers and researchers whose activity are related to materials science, processing and application of materials.


Edited by: Christian Rey, Christèle Combes and Christophe Drouet
Online since: November 2017
Description: This book collects 47 papers corresponding to communications presented at 29th Symposium and Annual Meeting of the International Society for Ceramics in Medicine (ISCM, October 25-27, 2017, Toulouse, France), one focus article related to the plenary lecture given by Corrado Piconi on bioinert ceramics, and 46 contributions, related to oral and poster communications on the different topics of the meeting, organized in six different chapters. This book continues the tradition of the Bioceramics series offering, generally to young researchers, the ability to publish the work they are eager to present to the community of specialists participating to the meeting. The originality of the Bioceramics series is that the papers are available before the meeting to allow deeper, more detailed discussions than those occurring in classical meetings where exchanges are often hampered by the limited time devoted to presentations. These papers might not be perfect but we believe that the basis for discussions they provide is irreplaceable.


Edited by: József Karger-Kocsis, Phatiphat Thounthon, Dr. Leonardo Simon and Krisda Suchiva
Online since: October 2017
Description: This collection of articles based on results of the 11th Pure and Applied Chemistry International Conference (PACCON 2017, February 2 – 3, 2017, Thailand) and covers many research branches of the modern materials science: fundamental research, experience of industrial applications of latest materials, development of chemical and nano technologies. We hope that this publication will to promote and stimulate the synergistic interactions and collaborations between variuos research directions including tecnologies of catalys, nanomaterials, renewable energy applications and inorganic materials.


Edited by: Dr. Tibor Krenický and Dr. Štefánia Olejárová
Online since: September 2017
Description: The main aim of this Special Topics Volume is to present state of the research on the topics of characterization the modern structural materials for mechanical engineering and other areas of manufacture, latest technologies and manufacturing systems for materials processing.


Edited by: Lucia Figuli, Pavel Manas, Alexander N. Kravcov, Václav Pospíchal, Bohuš Leitner and Pavel Svoboda
Online since: September 2017
Description: The International Conference on Structural and Mechanical Engineering for Security and Prevention (ICSMESP 2017, 14 – 16 June, 2017, Prague, Czech Republic) was a forum for researchers in all related engineering areas connected to the security, reliability and prevention of the various technogenic incidents. The topics of this collection include new materials for safety and security engineering; diagnosing and testing of materials; modelling and experiments; security technology of explosives; critical infrastructure protection; construction safety and security; risk analysis, assessment and management; emergency and crisis management; new standards on security engineering; rock and mining engineering; blast protection; seismity and geomechanics; fire engineering.


Edited by: Paolo Maria Mariano, Sergio Baragetti, Katia Casavola, Carmine Pappalettere and Ferri M.H. Aliabadi
Online since: September 2017
Description: This volume is a collection of edited papers presented at the 16h International Conference on Fracture and Damage Mechanics (FDM2017, 18-20 July, 2017, Florence, Italy) and exihibits latest theoretical, computation and experimental research works on fracture, damage mechanics, structural integrity and durability.


Edited by: Prof. Dong Keon Kim
Online since: August 2017
Description: This book was collected from papers which were presented on the annual International Symposium on Advanced Material Research (ISAMR 2017, Seoul, South-Korea, on March 17-19, 2017). The collection will be interesting for many researchers and engineers whose activity related to research in area of materials scinces, materials processing technologies and application of modern materials in the different engineering areas.


Edited by: Prof. Iulian Antoniac
Online since: August 2017
Description: This collection presents research results discussed on the 7th International Conference “Biomaterials, Tissue Engineering and Medical Devices” (BIOMMEDD’2016). Clinicians of various specialties presented their results on the clinical performance of applied biomaterials, medical devices and surgial technologies in the modern clinical practice in area of Stomatology, Gynecology, Urogynecology, Bone Restaration, Implantation, Prosthetics. Some modern technologies in biomedical manufacturing also were analyzed.


Edited by: Peerapong Pinwanich and Akrapol Soisungval
Online since: August 2017
Description: The book is collected from papers that were submitted on the 9th International Conference on Materials Science and Technology (MSAT-9, December 14-15, 2016, Bangkok, Thailand) and is devoted to the modern issues of research and development in area of materials and materials processing technologies. We hope this collection should be useful for wide range of specialists from various branches of engineering activity.


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