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Authors: Il Dong Choi, Dong Min Kim, Kyung Mok Cho, Ik Min Park
Abstract:Mg alloys have potential to use automotive parts because of their weight and castability. High temperature strength and damping capacity is...
Authors: Zhen Kai Xie, Teruyuki Ikeda, Yosiyuki Okuda, Hideo Nakajima
Abstract:Lotus-type porous magnesium whose long cylindrical pores were aligned in one direction was fabricated by unidirectional solidification of the...
Authors: Junichi Koike
Abstract:Deformation mechanisms of Mg-Al-Zn (AZ31) alloys were investigated by performing tensile test at room temperature. In fine grain Mg alloys...
Authors: Atsushi Yamamoto, M. Kakishiro, Masahiko Ikeda, Harushige Tsubakino
Abstract:Grain refinement in AZ31 magnesium alloy has been attempted by hot-rolling and annealing process. Specimens were solution heat treated at...
Authors: Chang Seog Kang, Sung Kil Hong
Abstract:An attempt has been made to measure the temperature dependence of dynamic Young's modulus together with the related variation of internal...
Authors: C.H. Lee, Young Sup Lee, Dong Choul Cho, Chang Hee Lee
Abstract:The process of Direct Bonding Copper (DBC) is performed by a spinel reaction between CuO and Al2O3. In order to develop...
Authors: Jung Sik Kim
Abstract:In the present study, thermal properties of the electroless-deposited Cu thin film were investigated. The Cu thin film of good adhesion was...
Authors: Keun Yong Sohn, Dong Woo Suh, Sang Yong Lee
Abstract:The microstructures and electrical conductivity of newly developed Cu-Ca alloys for semi-solid forming have been investigated. High purity...
Authors: E.H. Kim, Hi Won Jeong, Seung Eon Kim, Yong Taek Hyun, Yont Tai Lee, Jong Won Yoon
Abstract:A new high strength titanium alloy system with low cost alloying elements, such as Al, Fe, has been recently developed. In present study the...
Authors: Zhong Guang Wang, H. Zhang, Q.S. Zang, Zhe Feng Zhang, Z.M. Sun
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