Designing, Processing and Properties of Advanced Engineering Materials

Volumes 449-452

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Bo Yang, Wei Li, Ai Dang Shan, Jian Sheng Wu

Abstract: The microstructures and mechanical properties of arc-melting processed Mo3Si-Mo5Si3 eutectic have been investigated. The Vickers hardness of...

Authors: Daeho Rho, Jae Soo Kim, Dong Jin Byun, Jae Woong Yang, Jung Geun Jhin, Nari Kim

Abstract: SiC nanorod was grown by APCVD using TMS. Grown SiC nanorods had a 10 ~ 60nm diameters and lengths of several micrometers. Nanorod.s...

Authors: Jae Ean Lee, Jae Won Kim, Yeon Gil Jung, Bon Heun Koo, Hee Soo Lee

Abstract: Bilayer with inner layer of ZrO2-3mol% Y2O3 (TZ-3Y) and outer layer of zirconiaalumina (AKP-30) composite...

Authors: Shoichi Nambu, Manabu Enoki

Abstract: It was pointed out that one of the causes of recent failure to launch rocket was due to the fracture of nozzle throat insert made of ...

Authors: M. Yoshino, Y. Shinzato, Masahiko Morinaga

Abstract: Formation energies of various defects in Al2O3 and SiO2 are calculated by using the plane-wave...

Authors: Satoshi Nishinoiri, Kei Nozawa, Manabu Enoki

Abstract: Ceramic functional coating is frequently applied to the structure material of turbine blades, and it is very important to investigate its...

Authors: Jong Gwan Ahn, Dong Jin Kim, Chang Hun Shin, Man Seung Lee

Abstract: Spherical fine powders of tungsten oxide were prepared by emulsion evaporation method. The characteristics of the powders prepared were...

Authors: A. Shimono, Hirohisa Sato, K. Kawada-Wada, Yasuo Ito, Naoki Kamegashira

Abstract: A development of synthetic process via rare earth complex precursors was applied to a formation of rare earth manganites which can not be...

Authors: Byung Hae Jung, Seong Jin Hwang, Hyung Sun Kim

Abstract: A low-temperature co-fired composition with sintering temperature of <900 °C was developed using rare earth derived borate glass...

Authors: Myung Beom Park, Nam Hee Cho

Abstract: The chemical and electrical characteristics of the grain boundary of the polycrystalline semiconducting SrTiO3 ceramics, which...


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