Recrystallization and Grain Growth

Volumes 467-470

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: R.A. Vandermeer, Dorte Juul Jensen

Abstract: In this work, it is shown that the contiquity ratio, Crr, defined as the fraction of the total grain boundary area of recrystallized grains...

Authors: R.A. Vandermeer, Erik M. Lauridsen, Dorte Juul Jensen

Abstract: New 3D X-ray diffraction microscopy (3DXRD) experiments on recrystallizing bulk grains that nucleated and grew in a 92% cold deformed pure...

Authors: Kim Verbeken, Leo Kestens, Mark D. Nave

Abstract: A Fe-2.8%Si single crystal was scratched in order to randomise the texture in the neighbourhood of the notch. Annealing resulted in...

Authors: Q. Xing, X. Huang, Niels Hansen

Abstract: The microstructural evolution during annealing below the recrystallization temperature of a commercial purity aluminum (99wt.% purity) cold...

Authors: R. Badji, B. Belkessa, H. Maza, M. Bouabdallah, Brigitte Bacroix, C. Kahloun

Abstract: Duplex stainless steels 2205 are widely used in constructional and petrochemical applications because of their good mechanical and...

Authors: K.M. Banks

Abstract: Various microstructure models for Nb-bearing steels were tested under industrial strip rolling conditions to establish a relationship...

Authors: Andrey Belyakov, Yuushi Sakai, Toru Hara, Yuuji Kimura, Kaneaki Tsuzaki

Abstract: Several Fe – O samples containing different fractions of dispersed oxides were processed by mechanical milling followed by consolidating...

Authors: Zakaria Boumerzoug, N. Lahraki, Mosbah Zidani

Abstract: The operation which allows reducing wire diameter is called wiredrawing. The wiredrawing principle is that of using the metal plasticity to...

Authors: M. Díaz-Fuentes, E. Novillo, Amaia Iza-Mendia, Isabel Gutiérrez

Abstract: During annealing of cold rolled steel sheets, the evolution of the texture, to produce the characteristic texture of a recrystallised...

Authors: M. Draissia, N. Boukhris, M.Y. Debili

Abstract: The thermomechanical treatment at 1050°C under a stress of about 30 MPa, of milled ribbons from Fe-25Cr-20Ni (0.060%Ni-0.1%Ti) refractory...


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