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Authors: W. Li, Yang Fu Jin, Xun Lv, C.H. Kua
Abstract:In this paper, some molding process parameters such as injection time, packing time, packing pressure and process temperature etc. were...
Authors: X.G. Jiang, D.Y. Zhang
Abstract:The frequency of piezoelectric transducer requires high stability and can also be continuously changed. The voltage requires smooth and...
Authors: Heng Li, He Yang, Mei Zhan, L.G. Guo, R.J. Gu
Abstract:A definition of forming limit is given with minimum centerline radius min R before wrinkling for NC bending process of thin-walled tube....
Authors: H.Y. Xiang, Yue Xian Zhong
Abstract:This document explains and demonstrates an experimental method to determine principal plastic strains in industrially stamped sheet panels....
Authors: Hong Wei Zhang, Guo Xiong Zhang, Y. Shi
Abstract:Reverse engineering of free-form surfaces is one of the most challenging technologies in advanced manufacturing. With the development of...
Authors: De Sheng Wang, Ai Ping Zhou, Pan Ling Huang, X.Y. Zhao
Abstract:This paper studies the NC grinding process for Isometric Polygonal Profiles (IPP) with self-made machine tools accessories, and establishes...
Authors: Xue Ping Zhang, C.Richard Liu, Zheng Qiang Yao
Abstract:Hard turning has been recognized as a substitute for abrasive-based processes not only due to its flexibility, economic benefit and...
Authors: Y.J. Liu, X.Z. Kong, Z.W. Li
Abstract:A PID controller based on Back-propagation neural networks is presented and used to the pneumatic proportional positioning system in this...
Authors: Z.Y. Wu, Tai Yong Wang, H.W. Li, Wen Jin Wang, T.J. Dong
Abstract:One reason for the delay of open-architecture control system in industry action is that no clear and hierarchical design method has evolved....
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