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Edited by: Rupeng Zhu, Ning He, Yucan Fu and Changyong Yang
Online since: October 2013
Description: The papers in this special volume represent the latest development in the field of materials manufacturing technology, spanning from the fundamentals to new technology and applications. Especially, the papers cover the topics of advanced manufacturing technology and equipment, material forming science and technology, digital manufacturing system and management, modern design theory and methodology, and MEMS and ultra precision manufacturing.
Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).


Edited by: S.J.B. Kurz, E.J. Mittemeijer and B. Scholtes
Online since: September 2013
Description: This book presents the proceedings of the International Conference on Residual Stresses 9 and is devoted to the prediction/modelling, evaluation, control, and application of residual stresses in engineering materials. The state of the art is presented by the contributions of researchers from both academia and industry. New developments, on stress-measurement techniques, on modelling and prediction of residual stresses and on progress made in the fundamental understanding of the relation between the state of residual stress and the material properties, are highlighted. Focal points of interest are: simulation of stress profiles, depth-resolved stress analysis using synchrotron radiation and phase transformations in welded structures. This book offers an indispensable overview of the current understanding of the role of residual stresses in materials used in wide ranging application areas, such as, for example, microelectronic devices, sensors and actuators and machine parts, as in the automotive industry.
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Edited by: S. Itoh, J. Matsue and K. Hokamoto
Online since: July 2013
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
Explosion, shock wave, high-energy reaction and other high-rate phenomena of various materials are the main topic of this collection. The book includes papers related to explosion and shock wave phenomena driven by explosives and other impulsive phenomena including their applications. The use of such intense dynamic loading has been employed for materials processing technology and the field is currently spreading to food processing and others. The volume will bring to readers new idea for the progress in science and technology.


Edited by: V.N. Gaitonde, S.R. Karnik and J. Paulo Davim
Online since: July 2013
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters BCI (WoS).
Even though composites are manufactured to near net shaped, machining has to be performed during the final production stage to get the finished products. Soft computing is a collection of methodologies that aim to exploit tolerance for imprecision, uncertainty and partial truth to achieve tractability, robustness and low solution cost. This special volume intends to draw a picture of the recent advances made in the soft computing assisted machinability studies for composite materials and includes the submission of high quality research articles. Suitable topics include the application to the machining (turning, drilling, milling) of the composites like metal matrix composites, fiber reinforced composites, glass epoxy polymer composites, polyamides and PEEK using various soft computing techniques such as artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic, particle swarm optimization and simulated annealing.


Edited by: Ian Stone, Brian McKay and Zhongyun Fan
Online since: July 2013
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
The special collection focuses on recent advances in the science and technologies associated with aluminium, magnesium and titanium alloys. Topics span the full light metals field from the development of new alloys, through processing and material behaviour, to final application, and increasingly the issues of sustainability and end-of-life.
The papers are arranged in the following chapters:
1. Alloy Development;
2. Casting & Solidification;
3. Forming;
4. Heat Treatment & Phase Transformations;
5. Mechanical Behaviour,
6. Corrosion & Surface Modification;
7. Joining; and
8. Applications.
This volume provides a snapshot of the current status and trends in light metals research, and will be an invaluable resource for readers in academia and industry alike.


Edited by: Rajesh J. Tayade
Online since: July 2013
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters BCI (WoS).
The Special Topic Volume is a result from the contribution of forty-one experts from the international scientific community in the respective field of research. It thoroughly covers recent work done in the area of photocatalysis. In recent year a boosting interest in the exploration of renewable energy sources and environmental abatement attracted the promises of photocatalysis particularly in hydrogen production by water splitting, storage of solar energy in sustainable chemical fuels, decomposition and removal of environmental pollutants and disinfection of water. Current environmental concern promises a bright future for this technology, particularly applications to improving the quality of water and of indoor and outdoor air. This volume provides the latest and in-depth coverage to photocatalytic materials and surfaces including their various applications for environmental and energy applications.


Edited by: R. Zitoune, V. Krishnaraj and J. Paulo Davim
Online since: July 2013
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters BCI (WoS).
The literature detailing the effects of varying operating parameters on tool life when machining Titanium alloy is comprehensive, however, relatively little of this data refers to their effects on machined workpiece surface integrity particularly, residual stress generation and distortion created. Greater knowledge of the effects of operating parameters on surface integrity is critical to the acceptance of new environment, cutting path and cutting sequence strategies on machining of Ti6Al4V aerospace alloys to increase the functional requirements and fatigue life of the milled thin components. In this book four chapters have been included to address the above reported issues.


Edited by: L. Pentti Karjalainen, David A. Porter and Seppo A. Järvenpää
Online since: July 2013
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
There are continuous demands for high performance materials with enhanced properties. In the development of these materials and their processing methods, physical and numerical simulations have important roles to play. By using best current knowledge and modern facilities, these simulation techniques can enable the rapid and economic evaluation and prediction of high temperature processes and applications. The papers deal extensively with physical and numerical simulation, the modeling of processes, as well as recent advances in the processing of various materials, e.g., steels, light metals, composites, etc.


Edited by: T. Kai, K. Mizuta, T. Nakazato, N. Matsunaga, Y. Hirata, S. Sameshima, T. Tsutsui, M. Yoshida, H. Kim, J.-F. Yang and T. Sekino
Online since: July 2013
Description: The collection of 34 peer reviewed papers covers the following five topics: (A) Materials for energy conversion, solar cell and new energy, (B) Photocatalysis and semiconducting materials, (C) Processing and design for eco-materials, (D) Bio-inspired materials and hybrid materials, and (E) Porous and nanostructured materials.
Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).


Edited by: M.A. Shah, M. Amin Bhat and P. Davim
Online since: July 2013
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters BCI (WoS).
This special issue on the ‘Functional Nanomaterials for Energy and Environmental Applications’ aims to assess the current status and to identify future priority and directions in research, design and applications for energy add environment. This special issue will provide an opportunity and platform to promote mutual interaction, information and collaborations on advanced functional materials.


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