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Edited by: W. Kurz and D.J. Fisher
Online since: February 1998
Description: Solidification phenomena play an important role in many of the processes used in fields ranging from production engineering to solid-state physics. The broad range of applications of solidification models - from the large tonnages of continuously cast products, through superalloy precision castings, to high-purity single crystals - means that a book such as the present one must cater for the requirements of a very wide range of readers.


Edited by: S. Incecik, E. Ekinci, F. Yardim, A. Bayram
Online since: July 1997
Description: In recent years, Air Quality Management has become of major importance, especially in megacities, i.e. those with more than 10 million inhabitants. The present publication provides scientists and engineers working in this area with the most recent results touching all major aspects of this highly important field.


Edited by: A. Bouquillon
Online since: April 1997
Description: This book comprises the Proceedings of Session 4 of the 5th Conference and Exhibition of the European Ceramic Society, Versailles, France, June 1997. Herein, 22 papers treat various aspects of the subject and cover a wide range of historical and geographical information.


Edited by: J. Staudenmann, A. Schönborn, C. Etnier
Online since: July 1996
Description: This book focuses on treatment approaches that include a recycling loop for the water, nutrients, energy, and other resources in wastewater. The preliminary indications are that decentralized, re-circulating systems for wastewater treatment can be significantly cheaper than the building and maintaining of conventional systems.


Edited by: Janusz Niemczynowicz
Online since: June 1996
Description: The continuing growth of urban populations throughout the world is one of the most frightening problems of today. The problems of megacities, i.e. those with more than 10 million inhabitants and which are growing fastest in developing countries, must be fully recognized within the context of the world environment.


Edited by: Nuno J. Mamede and Carlos Pinto-Ferreira
Online since: May 1996
Description: This volume reviews the most recent developments in the fields of Expert Systems, Robots and Vision Systems, Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks.


Edited by: C.A.C. Sequeira
Online since: April 1996
Description: The present volume is a collection of papers written by leading experts who are active in the pivotal roles played by chemists in the energy industry and its impact on society. Covered here are the areas of chemistry, physics, materials science, electrochemistry, energy research, electrical engineering and battery manufacture.


Edited by: M. Shimoji and T. Itami
Online since: March 1996
Description: The purpose of this book is to discuss the properties of non-metallic elements, when dissolved as a minor impurity in liquid metals and alloys, in terms of statistical thermodynamics, quantum mechanics and the latest structural models. The behaviour of non-metallic elements in liquid metals is one of the most important problems in metallurgical and physical chemistry, since it plays a central role in the manufacture of metallic materials.


Edited by: A.C. Riccardi
Online since: February 1996
Description: Research in the field of Jurassic Stratigraphy has been increasingly active up to the present time. The aim of this volume is to present new results as well as to suggest areas for further research work and new and/or different stratigraphical tools, such as Sequence Stratigraphy. Formal questions on Jurassic Stratigraphy are also discussed, such as fine definitions of the boundaries of stages, series and of the system itself.


Edited by: Zdravko Kaltnekar and Tone Ljubic
Online since: July 1995
Description: Recently, a strong correlation has been felt between the progressing abilities of information technology and the needs of organizations to link all their activities into a working system.


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