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Edited by: S. Sengupta
Online since: January 1988
Description: 30 Years after the appearance of the classic book by Born and Huang on the Dynamical Theory of Crystal Lattices, the present volume untertakes to present the field in the light of the extensive progress that has been made in the last three decades.


Edited by: A. Buch
Online since: January 1988
Description: Optimal design using advanced materials is an ever more progressive and challenging domain within applied mechanics. Here is an invaluable self-contained source of information concerning methods of calculation of fatigue limits and lifetimes of structural elements.
While in most texts the treatment of this subject is confined merely to a phenomenological approach, this book provides the essential knowledge for an analytical treatment of design problems as well as a unique collection of appropriate data sheets which are required for the quantitative application of accepted design recommendations.


Edited by: D.J. Fisher
Online since: January 1988
Description: This book collects together the many simple empirical correlations which have been observed between diverse properties. These correlations are of invaluable help in estimating unknown properties and in forecasting the likely properties of unknown systems.


Edited by: E. Lendvay
Online since: January 1987
Description: Gallium Arsenide presents 63 important papers given at the second international conference on the Physics and Technology of GaAs and other III-V Compounds, held in Budapest, Hungary, Sept. 1986. The wealth of new information presented at the conference focussed on the following research areas:


Edited by: R.A. Graham and Akira B. Sawaoka
Online since: January 1987


Edited by: Martin A. Green
Online since: January 1987
Description: The early chapters comprehensively review the optical and transport properties of silicon. Light trapping is described in detail. Limits on the efficiency of silicon cells are discussed as well as material requirements necessary to approach these limits. The status of current approaches to passifying surfaces, contacts and bulk regions is reviewed. The final section of the book describes the most practical approaches to the fabrication of high-efficiency cells capable of meeting the efficiency targets for both concentrated and non-concentrated sunlight, including a discussion of design and processing approaches for non-crystalline silicon.


Edited by: S. Mitra
Online since: January 1986
Description: This comprehensive treatise on the environmental dispersion of mercury emphasizes the importance of "mercury-consciousness" in the present-day world, where rapidly expanding metallurgical, chemical, and other industrial developments are causing widespread contamination of the atmosphere, soil, and water by this metal and its toxic organic derivatives.


Edited by: G. H. Frischat
Online since: January 1985


Edited by: J. Tousek
Online since: January 1985
Description: A consistent theory is developed for predicting the incidence of localized corrosion and, most importantly, for the prediction of those substances which should be useful in inhibiting the process.


Edited by: C. Suryanarayana et al.
Online since: April 1984


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