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Edited by: H. Ohno, K. Igarashi, N. Umesaki and K. Furukawa
Online since: February 1994
Description: Materials such as molten salts and liquid metals have become more and more important in the field of nuclear engineering, solar and thermal energy, fuel cells and related fields. The physical properties of molten salts are closely related to their ionic liquid structure and it is essential to know this structure for the systematic understanding of the physical properties.


Edited by: C.A.C. Sequeira and G.S. Picard
Online since: October 1993
Description: During the past several years there has been remarkable interest and activity in two fields of the fused salt chemistry, namely Molten Salt Extractive Metallurgy and High-Temperature Fuel Cells.
The required fundamental investigations for improving industrial processes are necessarily devoted to all aspects of the reactivity in molten salts. Therefore, most of the relevant disciplines are represented here: electrochemistry, spectroscopy and computer modelling.


Edited by: S. Ranganathan, C.S. Pande, B.B. Rath and D.A. Smith
Online since: January 1993
Description: The behaviour of many materials critically depends on processes at interfaces and surfaces. This volume presents up-to-date reviews on atomic structure and properties of interfaces.


Edited by: J.D. Watson
Online since: January 1991
Description: To commemorate Australia's Bicentenary year in 1988, a special volume was published, containing research and review papers by leading authorities from all over the world. The book focusses on the mechanical behaviour of engineering materials.


Edited by: A. Lörinczy
Online since: January 1991
Description: This 2-volume set presents 12 invited state-of-the-art i papers (volume 1) and a collection of 75 contributed papers on topics of current interest (volume 2).


Edited by: E. Lendvay
Online since: January 1991
Description: The importance of epitaxial growth has grown substantially since the early application of semiconductor systems. At present metals, high Tc superconductors, garnets, optical materials and numerous systems grown epitaxially are known.


Edited by: R. Trivedi et al.
Online since: January 1991
Description: A collection of 60 invited contributions covering the important area of solidification and materials processing.


Edited by: P. Kordos
Online since: January 1991


Edited by: R.M. Biefeld
Online since: January 1991
Description: -Effect of Internal Piezoelectric Fields on the Electronic Structure and Optical Properties of Strained-Layer Superlattices
-Metastability in Semiconductor Strained-Layer Structures
-The Morphology of MOCVD-Grown Semiconductor Multilayers
-Electrical Transport Studies of InGaAs/GaAs Strained-Layer Quantum-Well Structures
-Device Structures Based on GaAsP/InGaAs Strained Layer Superlattices and Their Stability
-The Preparation and Infrared Properties of In (AsSb) Strained-Layer Superlattices
-Ion Implantation of III-V Compound Semiconductor Strained-Layer Semiconductors Systems
-II-VI Strained-Layer Semiconductor Superlattices


Edited by: C. M. Srivastava
Online since: January 1991
Description: Following the successful conferences in Kyoto (1970 & 1980), Bellevue (1976) and San Francisco (1984), this 5th conference on Ferrites covers the following subjects:


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