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Authors: Yu Bai, Fang Li Yu, Jun Du, Wen Xian Wang, Ze Qin Cui, Zhi Hai Han, Jian Feng Yang

Abstract: Due to the low density and high specific strength, magnesium and its alloys have been extensively used in the automobile and aerospace...

Authors: Zheng Yi Fu, D.H. He, Jing Ying Zhang, Wei Min Wang, Hang Wang, Qing Jie Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, we suggest PCH as a method of joining alloys. The temperature distribution in the samples during the joining process was...

Authors: George Kaptay

Abstract: In solidification experiments of binary eutectic alloys, the eutectic spacing and undercooling are measured as function of the...

Authors: E. Wen Huang, Yan Dong Wang, Bjørn Clausen, Michael L. Benson, Hahn Choo, Peter K. Liaw, Lee M. Pike
Authors: Zhang Hua Gan, Li Ming Xu, Zhi Hong Lu, Huan Hua Zhou, Chun Hui Song, Feng Huang

Abstract: A novel AlMgZnSnPbCuMnNi high entropy alloy was prepared by flux melting in the atmosphere. The microstructure and the electrochemical...

Authors: Hai Feng Wang, Cun Lai, Xiao Zhang, Kuang Wang, Feng Liu

Abstract: Since the growth velocity can be comparable with or even larger than the solute diffusion velocity in the bulk phases, modeling of rapid...

Authors: J. del Río, N. de Diego, P. Moser
Authors: S. Chenna Krishna, K. Thomas Tharian, Bhanu Pant, Ravi S. Kottada

Abstract: Among the copper alloys, the Cu-3Ag-0.5Zr alloy is one of the potential candidates for combustion chamber of liquid rocket engine because of...

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