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Authors: Andreas Krause, Hanns Kache, Georg Ullmann

Abstract: The early detection of defects in forged parts offers economical advantages due to the possibility of sorting them out of the process chain...

Authors: Zhi Jun Cao, Jia Chen Liu, Li Bin Liu, Hao Ye, Yan Qiu Wei

Abstract: A new approach was developed for surface modification of metallic surface. By treating nano-zirconia particles and metal surface in...

Authors: Xiang Dong Ma, Xin Yang Wang, Ji Wen Li, Shi Zhong Wei

Abstract: Brazing with active filler alloys containing some active elements, which promotes wetting of ceramics surfaces, is one of the most widely...

Authors: Mehdi Soodi, S.H. Masood, Milan Brandt

Abstract: Laser cladding is a thermal process for depositing a metallic alloy on to a parent metal to repair corrosion, erosion, wear or other...

Authors: Xiao Ling Zheng, Ming Song Zhang, Min You, Hai Zhou Yu, Zhi Li

Abstract: The normal stress distributed in the mid-bondline of the adhesively bonded joint under cleavage loading was investigated using the elastic...

Authors: Pannaporn Pintavirooj, Ponlakit Jitto, Nida Chaimoon

Abstract: This research objective was to study a synthesis of metal ZSM-5 catalyst by adding the metals into the HZSM-5 and NaZSM5. Metals used were...

Authors: S. Chenna Krishna, K. Thomas Tharian, Bhanu Pant, Ravi S. Kottada

Abstract: Among the copper alloys, the Cu-3Ag-0.5Zr alloy is one of the potential candidates for combustion chamber of liquid rocket engine because of...

Authors: Guo Min Lin, Li Xia Peng, Yu Feng Zhao

Abstract: The application of two representative laser surface treatments technologies which are laser shock processing technology and laser coating...

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