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Edited by: Wei Deng and Qi Luo
Online since: September 2012
Description: The proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Information Technology for Manufacturing Systems (ITMS 2012), held on the 8 and 9th September 2012 in Qingdao, China, are arranged under the headings:
Computer Science and Theory, Related Studies; Computer Simulation and Algorithms, Applications; Hardware, Information Technology and Systems; Network and Internet Technology, Multimedia Engineering.


Edited by: Decheng Feng
Online since: July 2012
Description: This volume encompasses many aspects of intelligent transportation technology, bridge monitoring and maintenance, road engineering and materials science.
Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
The 67 peer-reviewed papers are grouped into 3 chapters:
Intelligent Transportation Technique;
Bridge Monitoring, Safety and Maintenance;
Advanced Techniques in Road Engineering and Materials Science.


Edited by: Tianharry Chang
Online since: June 2012
Description: The conference, of which these are the proceedings, was intended to bring together researchers and engineers/technologists working on diverse aspects of materials, mechanics, electronics, computers, communications and other topics. The peer-reviewed papers are grouped into chapters on: Computer Networks and Communication Engineering; Machinery, Electrical and Electronic Equipment, Technology; Computer Theory, Software and Computer Technologies; Signal Processing.


Edited by: Qingkai Han, Kazuhiko Takahashi, Chang-Hyun Oh and Zhong Luo
Online since: December 2011
Description: Volume is indexed by Thomson Reuters CPCI-S (WoS).
These are the proceedings of the 2011 International Conference on Mechatronics and Information Technology (ICMIT 2011), which was held on August 16-19th, 2011, in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, P.R. China. The primary aim of ICMIT 2011 was to share ideas and to discuss new techniques and applications in mechatronics and information technology in order to speed the development of advanced equipment manufacture, within the conference theme of “mechatronics and information technology for advanced equipment manufacture”. The topics covered by ICMIT 2011 included: Control Theory and Applications, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, Actuators and Mechanisms, Communication and Network Systems, Smart Materials and Structures, Ubiquitous Applications, Welfare Engineering, Sensors and Signal/Image Processing, Biomedical Engineering, Embedded Systems, Robotics, Human Interfaces, Mechatronics and MEMS, Information Technology, Intelligent Control and Systems, Condition Monitoring/Fault Diagnosis, Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics and Power Electronics.


Edited by: Elwin Mao and Linli Xu
Online since: September 2011
Description: This special volume addresses the hottest issues in new engineering approaches and applications. It covers a wide range of topics in this area: including engineering applications, industrial engineering, engineering computational methods, engineering information systems and engineering management, etc. Via this volume, researchers in this field can access cutting-edge information.


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