Vibration, Structural Engineering and Measurement II

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Authors: Yan Zhang
Abstract: Like the building on the ground, there are also many factors causing fire disaster in the underground building. There the disaster often happened, e. g in 1972 and l980 in Japan and in 1969 and1988 in China, the fire disaster took place in the underground spate which brought about a large amount of loss of property and casualties. The paper proposed a fire disaster intelligence alarm system. It is composed of a main computer system and several branch computer unit and it is useful for preventing fire in the underground building.
Authors: Jiong Liu, Jun Pu Wang, Fu Wan, Yong Ling Zhou, Shi Xia
Abstract: In this paper, aim the circumstances of derrick and substructure for a specific offshore platform, two derrick test tools be devised, The substructure and the test tool model established and assembled by Workbench software, and through the ANSYS finite element analysis software calculated the substructure and the test tool, then based on the analysis in contact with the forces condition of the test tool that were optimized. By comparing the test tools can be found, the test tooling option II that the weight, the forces condition and operation is better than another one, so when the conditions to meet the circumstances, option II is recommended to use. The design ideas and methods for test tool design and manufacturing provides a useful reference.
Authors: Xiao Jie Cheng, Yun Chao Tai, Li Li Jia
Abstract: High-rise building with podium is a common seen architecture style in China. Nowadays more designers inclined not to separate the main and podium, but this would lead to the eccentric between the center of mass of the tower and base, which may exceed the code requirement when the ratio of offsetting is larger than 20% and cause complicated seismic response. This paper takes an eccentric high-rise frame-shear wall structure of single tower as example, analyze the inelastic performance of this structure under rare earthquake by Pushover method, and point out the weak parts of the position by the distribution and development of plastic hinges.Draw the structure inelastic response indicators in the rare case of earthquakes, and point out the weak parts of the structure of the distribution and development of plastic hinge (region), put forward reasonable proposals for optimizing the structure design.
Authors: Kai Qin, Wen Fang Zhang, Li Jun Niu
Abstract: Brick wall has large lateral sidesway stiffness and shear failure often occurs under horizontal earthquake effect, but the scourge surveys indicate that flexural failure can also occurs sometimes. Given that there are still few researches about masonry’s failure modes in China, Finite Element Models of non-reinforced brick masonry with different Depth-width Ratios and reinforced brick masonry whose Depth-width Ratio is 1.444 are established with the help of MSC.MARC to analyze its failure mode under horizontal action. The researching results indicate that: The larger the Depth-width Ratio of non-reinforced brick masonry is, the more flexural components it has and the better its ductility is; the smaller its Depth-width Ratio is, the larger the D-value of Bottom Shear and Ultimate Shear Bearing Capacity according to formulas from code before damage, and thereby the more easily the shear failure takes place; however, the ductility of brick wall’s flexural failure is improved evidently through making reasonable reinforcement schemes.
Authors: Yi Min Dai, Xu Guang Yan, Xiang Jun Wang, Hong Xin Sun, Yong Gui Li
Abstract: In order to reveal the status of typhoon landfall in China coastal areas, the coastal areas and frequency of typhoon landing were compared with the statistical analysis in the paper for nearly 50 years; combined with the wind pressure of low-rise buildings under typhoon in China's coastal, structures damage of low-rise buildings were investigated. The results show that, the southwest coast of Guangdong landfall the largest number of typhoon landing, while the coastal areas of Fujian and Zhejiang have larger number of strong typhoons; turbulence great impact on surface air pressure; It was also found that the high suction pressure zones occurred around the windward roof edges at a wind azimuth of 450,and wind pressure along the roof corner just behind the roof ridge. The results of the present study are expected to be useful for the future development of a simple approximate formula for the low-rise buildings of the coastal area for design use.
Authors: Bo Hu, Bing Kang Liu, Cheng Gang Wang
Abstract: According to the pseudo static tests on a two-storey and single-span concrete frame made with recycled aggregates, the failure pattern, hysteresis loop curves, displacement ductility of the recycled aggregate concrete frame are investigated. The time histories of loads and displacements are decomposed to four different levels by using the wavelet packet transform. Based on the decomposition coefficients on the 4th level, a seismic damage index is developed and presented in this paper. The cumulative damage process of this recycled aggregate concrete frame under low reverse cyclic loading is also analyzed by using this damage index. The experiment results clearly indicate that recycled aggregate concrete frames have excellent seismic behaviors. The damage index given in this paper can accurately and effectively reflect the severity of damage for structures under different loading states.
Authors: Yan Na Liu, Li Bo Wang, Yong Sheng Zhang
Abstract: Based on the simulation of a eight-storey reinforced concrete(RC) frame, study has been carried out considering the rigid effect of infilled wall to explore the effect of masonry infilled on the framework by the difference of its quantity . MIDAS structural analysis software is used to make modal analysis and response spectrum analysis for the finite element models. In current chinese specification, infilled wall is often considered as nonstructual components in the buildings regardless load-supporting and shear-resistant action while the impact of rigid effect of infilled wall is not properly considered simply with the method of the reduction of structures’ vibration period. In this paper, a comparison to the current code was also made to get a better understanding of the difference between these two approaches.
Authors: Fu You Zhang, Meng Pei, Li Jun Mao, Yu Yong Dong
Abstract: Base isolation technology is a new effective way in strengthening and reconstruction projects for the existing buildings. Underpinning technology is to shift the base force from upper structure to isolation layer bearings in strengthening process. How to implement the underpinning technology is the key of base isolation reinforcement for masonry structure. A bottom-up underpinning construction technology and construction procedure for base isolation strengthen design is put forward in this paper. Based on the study of a primary school masonry building, the isolation reinforcement design by using bottom-up underpinning technology is introduced, afterwards, structure dynamic response is performed by dynamic time history analysis with the finite element analysis software Etabs. The result shows the advantages of this new technology compared with conventional reinforcement method for similar works reference.
Authors: Yu Run Li, Yan Liang, Xing Wei, Yun Long Wang
Abstract: Lateral dynamic response of pile foundation in liquefiable soil has been one of the focal problems of the geotechnical engineering field and varieties of test methods are put forward by experts and scholars. In the dissertation, a shaking table test is based on and a new calculation method is involved too. It’s the first time that using Fiber Prague Grating (FBG) technology in the method of study on lateral dynamic response of pile foundation in liquefiable soil. Experimental results indicate that calculation by method of FBG is more accurate than that by acceleration integral method. Data processing shows that p-y curve of pile foundation in liquefiable soil can be better to indicate the actual dynamic constitutive relation, and it establishes the theoretical basis of experimental study and engineer application of pile foundation in liquefiable soil
Authors: Bai Xiao Tang, Yong Wei Wang
Abstract: Cable Anchor Supporting mechanism theory analysis, combined with high geostress, composite roof and complex geological conditions, the deep well under conditions of coal roadway by small aperture, anchor on the form of the structure and high prestressed construction technology, engineering practice shows that the technology is simple and applicability,is deep well solve the high stress soft rock tunnel, large sections into bifurcation point supports of the effective way of the problem. Not only reduces the support cost, reduce the workload of the Lane repair, and also greatly reduce the labor intensity of construction personnel, improve the reliability of the engineering safety. Accumulated experience, has broad application prospects for the deep well under the conditions of the other coal mine soft rock roadway

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