Vibration, Structural Engineering and Measurement II

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Authors: Zhen Hua Lu, Jun Lian Zhang, Xian Wen Li, Xiu Lian Wang, Xiao Fei Bai, Jia Zhang
Abstract: With the Comprehensive database of industrial land, the paper taken Hefei district as study area and taking Administrative regions as evaluation Unit, evaluated and analyzed the status of urban industrial land intensive use, the main steps of the research are: construct evaluating indicator system based on the scale, structure, intensity and layout; constitute criteria according to contents of the indicator system; construct evaluation model; put data of Hefei and criteria into the evaluation model and obtain the evaluating result about the intensive utilization of industrial land in Hefei; analyze the result to find problems and based on the problems in the industrial land use in Hefei, improving region industrial land intensive use suggestions were put forward in this paper to provide reference for region industrial land intensive use control Policy-making.
Authors: Yao Zhi Huang, Shu Fen Jiang
Abstract: To ensure the low-carbon and ecological development of the residential areas, the coordinating climate planning must be done in earlier stage of design, and such design is even more important especially in tropics of South Asia. In order to create a good living environment and improve the quality of life, this paper is intended to create the microclimate in residential areas by guiding the predominant wind direction in residential areas, guiding the wind above water into the space of residential areas and optimizing the arrangement of plants and other aspects through the layout form of buildings under the condition of reducing energy consumption, to reduce radiant heat and meet the comfort of living in the residential areas, thus conducive to the study of design of comprehensive low-carbon residential areas.
Authors: Su Han, Xiao Feng Han
Abstract: It is known to a lot of people that the great superiority of Tai’an City lies in Mount Tai which is very famous both in China and around the world. Tourism has become the pillar industry in the development of Tai’an City’s economy and society. It is an important step for Tai’an Municipal Party Committee and Tai’an Municipal Government to decide to implement a new urbanization strategy in Tai’an City and enhance its tourist soft power so as to attract more Chinese and foreign visitors and quicken its economic and social development. In this paper, combined with the reality of Tai’an City, the authors put forward the personal viewpoints and make some concrete suggestions which will be beneficial to achieve the above objective.
Authors: Shang Feng, Kai Yuan Xu
Abstract: Modern landscape design is in a multi-culture era when many disciplines and many aspects are interwoven. Modern landscape is some kind of similar to traditional landscape design, but is also different to it in some aspect. Chinese traditional garden design is really profound, and its garden making ideology is more based on building the beauty of artistic conception to win praise. This paper takes global urbanization background as the starting point, and from the five perspectives of city, behavior, ecology, art and building, the paper try to explain the essence and culture connotation of traditional landscaping idea with real examples. This paper aims to conclude and summarize new craft and new technology, to inherit and promote traditional landscape characteristics, so that the traditional landscape could meet the need of urban landscape designing and developing.
Authors: Ying Zhu, Yao Zhi Huang, Jia Yi Jiang
Abstract: Urban morphology analysis is the basis of cognition of city and making plan of disaster prevention space system. According to urban morphology of Suzhou old urban area of the double chessboard of River Street parallel and a moat surround the city, explores the construction of prevention space system combined with urban morphology: disaster prevention units are based on neighborhood in the old area and all kinds of space are organized to form order disaster prevention space system. Exploiting new function of the moat waterfront outside the old area, enhance the capabilities to form a " Resilient function" waterfront space; strengthen the construction of land and water secure channel, ensure that evacuation channels are unblocked in disaster. Combine three different levels of disaster prevention space to construct disaster prevention space systems of Suzhou old urban area. It can strengthen the efficiency of Suzhou comprehensive urban disaster prevention.
Authors: Wei Wang, Shi Yan
Abstract: In this paper a new one-dimensional continuous model was proposed for Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs), which can be applied in the continuous dynamic loading system. After a literature review over the constitutive modeling of SMAs, an improved continuous model considering the influences of the various strain rates of SMAs was developed, which based on a series of experiments. The results of the experiments were used to validate the effectiveness of the proposed model. The constant factors in the model were determined according to the measured experimental data. The parameters in the model were also numerically analyzed and the numerical results matched well with experimental results. The results of the simulation showed that the developed model can effectively represented the relationship between the strain and stress of SMAs under dynamic loading and can be better applied in structure control.
Authors: Zi Qiang Li, Zheng Li
Abstract: This paper uses the latest highway design theory and method of energy conservation and emission reduction to elaborate the freeway energy conservation and emission reduction. According to this, we protocol detailed freeway energy management organization settings, staffing and framework. Then we introduce the concept of energy conservation and emission reduction and promote the application new technology, materials and equipment in the freeway design and construction stages, so as to establish a more comprehensive freeway energy conservation and emission reduction technology guarantee system, it also provides the policy guarantee in order to further the effective containment of the rising road transport energy consumption. This paper conducts a comprehensive analysis and discussion on the guarantee system of energy conservation and emission reduction through the two aspects.
Authors: Xue Bo Jin, Jing Jing Du, Jia Bao
Abstract: A good model of the target will extract useful information about the target’s state from observations effectively. There are many models used to maneuvering target tracking, such as constant-velocity (CV) models, Singer acceleration model (zero-mean first-order Markov model) and “current” model (Mean-Adaptive Acceleration Model), etc. While due to the complexity of maneuvering target, to seek the target model which can get better performance is still a subject worthy of study. For the AR process, autocorrelation function is estimated by the random sampling points in this paper. We have the statistics relation between the autocorrelation function and variance based on a first-order stationary Markov process. Then the system parameters are obtained and a model is developed based on statistics relation, which needn’t set unknown parameter. Simulation shows the model developed can adaptively get the model parameter and obtain good performance.
Authors: Qiao Qian Lan, Min Hui Xu, Wei Jian Jin
Abstract: In order to meet the requirements of most controllable filters of the high frequency of the system , this paper introduces a kind of programmable filter designing based on MAX262, and discuss the method of realizing , in the case of full comprehending the theory of filers, using Multisim to simulate. Analysing the simulation results of the output, it shows that this scheme of filter designing is good, the center frequency and the storage factor Q can be programmed to control ,in order to apply to varieties of frequency band filtering in signal detection.

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