Vibration, Structural Engineering and Measurement II

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Authors: Wen Hua Zhang, Hui Ying Gao
Abstract: With the continuous development of our society and economy, urban planning plays a more and more indispensable role in modern city management. And the planning and construction of disasters emergency shelter and emergency evacuation road is a very important part of urban planning. By using ArcGIS software, spatial data can be stored, edited, managed, analyzed and so on. Using ArcGIS software, this paper focuses on the disasters emergency shelters, emergency evacuation roads and sources of secondary disasters in Laoshan district, Qingdao by referring to the national standard related the construction of disasters emergency shelter. What is more, it points out some unreasonable aspects of the existing disasters emergency shelter planning. At last, it puts forward some relevant advices regard to emergency evacuation roads and disasters emergency shelter.
Authors: De Jin Qian, Xu Hong Miao, Xue Ren Wang
Abstract: Finite cylindrical shells with stiffened ribs are major structure of cabin on the submerged or underwater vehicles. This paper aims to probe into the feasibility of sound radiation simulation of underwater structure based on ABAQUS. ABAQUS is used to compute and analysis the underwater sound radiation rule of double cylindrical shell structure. And the computation data agrees with the experimental data basically. Adopting boundary impedance technique and acoustics IEM technique to simulation infinite flow field is feasible, and adopting acoustics IEM technique has much better performance. Boundary impedance technique is promoted for the concerning of accuracy. The results indicate that ABAQUS is appropriate to solve underwater sound radiation problem and it can satisfy the requirement of project application, which provides a new analysis method.
Authors: Ren Hui Liu, Bo Yu
Abstract: It is a nonlinear complex system for project emergency response system, that is a continuous process for the evolution of emergency construction project development process. The nonlinear differential equations that can describe the sudden emergency construction project the evolution of mathematical models. Emergency system by Logistic model was modified, taking into account the development of emergency systems will certainly be outside the system during the impact, combined with the project incidents of law principles of the role of Heinrich proposed TS-based emergency response system evolution equation Model, demonstrated the system at different stages of the emergency rules and features. For the emergency system in which the different stages of development, the corresponding measures to improve emergency response capabilities.
Authors: Yang Zhao, Yue Wang
Abstract: Being the main management model of government, engineering project management plays an important role in improving the benefit of investment and ensuring the quality of project, construction process and its safety. The evaluation system for performance of engineering project management (PM) is still new in the domain of engineering PM, in which it evaluates the management process and its service quality, and the management objectives are the contents of the evaluation system. Through analysis of the entire PM Service from these enterprises, the paper proposes an index evaluation system for the performance of engineering PM. Based on the 5-element set pair analysis whose philosophy is “admit objectively, describe systematically, cultivate qualitatively and analyze specifically”, it establishes an evaluation pattern for the entire process judgment and finally, combined with the actual cases, and it demonstrates the feasibility and applicability of the system.
Authors: Rui Zuo
Abstract: Land decision is a prerequisite for the healthy development of real estate enterprises, the decision-making is a multi-criteria decision-making problem. This paper mainly research on the real estate enterprises’ land decision, considering the land decision factors integrating real estate enterprises’ characteristic, using the analytic hierarchy process (AHP) and fuzzy theory to effectively integrate qualitative and quantitative factors of the real estate enterprises’ land decision. First of all, this paper expounds the real estate enterprises’ land decision-making process based on the fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (AHP). Secondly, it takes an example of a real estate enterprise to analysis it. Finally, the research showed that the fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (AHP) was effectiveness and feasibility.
Authors: Hong Zhuan Chen, Ai Jing Wu, Lei Shen
Abstract: The quality management of construction project is the most critical part of project management. From the multi-agent behavior perspective of quality management of Wuxi Taihu International Expo Center project, this paper analyses the particularity of project quality management, builds the quality management system of the project from the design stage, construction stage, acceptance stage respectively. Then it establishes a fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model of the project's quality management system with an example in construction phase. The article draws a conclusion that Wuxi Taihu international expo center project’s quality managements is general, and gives some useful suggestions to strengthen the quality of the project management from the perspective of the implementation of accountability mechanisms, information construction, as well as environmental coordination.
Authors: Li Fei Wang, Peng Mao
Abstract: The implementation of ethical responsibility of construction projects is impacted by many external factors. According to resource dependence theory, this paper constructs the indicator system of external factors influencing the ethical responsibility of construction projects, conducts quantitative analysis on it by means of Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), defines the five indicators (namely the perfect degree of laws and regulations, information symmetry, equality in status of project stakeholders, governmental supervision degree, and justice degree of contracts) as key influencing factors, and sets forth corresponding measures from three aspects aiming at the impact of the abovementioned key factors on the ethical responsibility of projects, in order to form an external restriction system for the ethical responsibility of projects, to realize the unification of self-discipline and heteronomy of project organizations, and to promote the realization of ethical responsibility objective of projects.
Authors: Jie Liu, Tao Gao
Abstract: Three dimensional physical model designed to study erosion mechanism of estuary subaqueous delta is one of the most important approaches for investigating erosion mechanism of delta; In this study, effects of pore water pressure on seabed and subsequent alterations of seabed topography during wave action were examined by using a physical model. This model provides a good tool to understand impacts of silt liquefaction on the seabed, the whole process of erosion of estuary subaqueous delta, formation and changes of sandbars, and the forces and changes of soft strata through interaction with wave action. We have demonstrated that the characteristic features of a soft stratum and the erosive forces existing in its aquatic environment tend to induce rheological diversification and creep. This often leads to ultimate diapir causing significant damages to underwater and offshore engineering facilities. Moreover, submarine sand wave is a common geomorphological feature of seabed. Impacts of waves and seabed topography on the formation and characteristics of sand waves are analyzed particularly in this study.
Authors: Xia Lin Wang, Bao Wen Yan
Abstract: Risk assessment on geological hazards and zoning is the foundation of geological hazards prevention. To solve the problem of uncertainty and incompatibility between quantitative and qualitative indicators, and the deficiencies of the indexes weight method, this paper establishes the model for risk assessment on geological hazards binding the extension theory with the optimal combination weighting method. With the matter-element model of the extension theory, the weight coefficients are calculated by using the optimal combination weighting method that can effectively use the experience of expert judgement and accurately reflect the utility value of the data, and can properly resolve the problem of weight allocation. Then, through calculating the correlation function value and relational degree, determine the actual geological hazard grades of study area. Finally, this paper applies this model in Hanyin County of Shannxi Province and gets the predicting results compared with AHP method and entropy method, and the results conform to the fact. It is proved that extension theory based on optimal combination weighting method is quite effective and available in risk assessment on geological hazards.
Authors: Wang Ru Wei, Jun Deng
Abstract: Mixture RNG k-ε double-equation turbulence model is applied to study the velocity characteristics of aerated jet flow. The velocities of aerated jet flow under different air concentration are calculated. The results show that improving air concentration of jet flow can accelerate velocity attenuation of jet flow along the axial way. The reason that aeration influenced velocity attenuation of jet flow in this article is that improving air concentration of jet flow can reduce the core length and then accelerate attenuation of axial velocity. The distribution of velocity at specially appointed section is nearly Gaussian distribution and was not influenced by air entrainment prominently. The calculated results of velocity attenuation are in good agreement with those obtained by semi-empirical relationship. It indicates that the numerical simulation can effectively be used to study aerated jet flows.

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