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Authors: Zong Qi Tan, Can Can Li, Hui Jun Ye, Yu Qiong Zhou, Hua Ling Zhu
Abstract: This paper designed the controller of the wind turbine rotor rotating speed. This model of adaptive-PID through control the tip-speed ratio and count the values of PID for variable wind speed. From the result of simulation, the wind speed can run in a good dynamic characteristic, and keep the rotor running in the best tip-speed ratio at the same time.
Authors: Guo Ye Wang, Lu Zhang, Guo Yan Chen, Zhong Fu Zhang
Abstract: Project the integrated braking system for electric vehicles based on in-wheel motor and friction brake. Set up the integrated system dynamic model based on energy regenerative and feedback friction integrated braking. Come up with EBD control strategy on bisectional roads based on ABS system. Establish the dynamics simulation system and EBD control simulation system for the electric vehicles with the integrated braking system based on Matlab/Simulink. Simulate and analyze EBD control performance of the integrated braking system on bisectional road straight condition aimed at Chery A3 sedan. The study results indicate that the EBD control performance of electric vehicle with the integrated braking system has a high braking energy recovery ratio, braking efficiency and braking stability.
Authors: Chuan Fu Guo, Shan Bin Zhang, Ying Shuai Jiang
Abstract: The evaluation and selection of Search And Rescue (SAR) schemes is one of the most important decision issues for maritime SAR. Owing to vague concept frequently represented in decision data, a group fuzzy multi-criteria decision-making approach is proposed to solve the SAR scheme optimal selection problem. In the proposed method, the experts’ opinions are described by trapezoidal fuzzy numbers, and the fuzzy Delphi method is adopted to adjust each expert’s opinion to achieve the consensus condition. By using the logarithmic least square method and trapezoidal fuzzy number arithmetic operations to estimate the normalized fuzzy priority weights, Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) is presented and consequently the consistency check of fuzzy judgment matrix is avoided. The results of simulation show that the method is flexible and credible and provides references in intelligent SAR decision-making.
Authors: J.C. Cheng, S.J Su, J.J Miau
Abstract: A three blades vertical axis wind turbine simulation is performed to study the unsteady aerodynamic characteristics with blade pitch control. Several fixed and variable blade pitch models under different tip speed ratio are adopted to improve performance of the wind turbine. Results show that an appropriate pitch control model can effectively decrease the range of negative torque regime to reduce the vibration of the wind turbine. Besides, the average torque coefficient as well as the energy capture efficiency can be also improved, especially for the lower tip speed ratio. The overall efficiency of the wind turbines in power generation will be enhanced. For the cases under the tip speed ratio between 1 and 3, the efficiency can be enhanced 243% and 486% for fixed and variable pitch control models respectively as comparing with non-pitch control cases.
Authors: Qin Gao, Zhen Jing Yao, Hong Wei Peng
Abstract: According to the special requirements of power supply for seismic station, a new single-phase emergency power supply control system is proposed in this paper. The principle and structure diagram of the system is illustrated. The control strategies of the system and hardware design of key circuits are discussed in detail. The emergency power supply control system adopts high-property C8051F310 single chip micro-computer. According to the monitoring value of input voltage, the system switches between charging and inverting. Main circuit of inverting uses single-phase full-bridge topology. To correct a power factor, charging system applies boost circuit to make input current follow to a given current reference. Experiments validate the feasibility of the proposed design.
Authors: Hao Gao, Xu Dong Zhang
Abstract: In this paper, a new feature for radar waveform recognition based on the instantaneous frequency is proposed. It is especially utilized for discriminating phase coded signals from other signals. Maximum likelihood estimation (MLE), autocorrelation algorithm, and likelihood ratio test are exploited in the algorithm. In the classification system, support vector machine (SVM) offers an efficient approach to classify linear frequency modulation (LFM) signals, phase coded signals and single frequency signals. Simulation results indicate that the new feature vectors perform effectively over a large range of SNRs. Furthermore, the new classifier achieves a very robust performance that the correct rate is over 90% at SNR of 5 dB, and the ever-increasing rate has been over 97% since SNR of 10dB.
Authors: Hai Ying Dong, Zhan Hong Wei, Xiang Gui Zhao, Xiao Qing Li
Abstract: Electric pitch control system has time-varying, nonlinear, large inertia, wind speed uncertainty characteristics. A fuzzy control design method of electric pitch control system based on variable universe is proposed. In this method, the variable region algorithm is applied to the speed control of the electric pitch control system. The adaptive fuzzy controller with variable universe of the speed loop for the electric pitch control system is designed by adopting optimized proportional exponential contraction-expansion factor and using S-Function. The simulation experiment of electric pitch control system is carried on, which builds the fuzzy controller with variable region. Compared with traditional PID control, the results show that electric pitch control system based on variable universe fuzzy control has the strong anti-interference performance and robustness.
Authors: Yue Wu, Wei Yang, Chang Hong Shi
Abstract: At the base of development of ordnance, the study of model machine of controllable micro emitter definitive direction angle and pitch angle is advancing, which definitive direction angle and emissive angle is very important. By theoretical and empirical equation analysis, it may deduce dynamics equations about load flux of micro fluid controlling direction angle and emissive angle in micro emitter. After linearization, transfer function may be calculated. When deviation is very small, output and input control present good linear relation. So make emissive process control easy.
Authors: Zi Fan Fang, Bing Fei Xiang, Qing Song He, De Xin Wu, Hua Pan Xiao
Abstract: The dynamic model of wire rope with contact is presented based on finite element method and the flexible multi-body dynamics theory by putting the contact force between the wire rope and drum. The unilateral anti-sway and tension control strategy is put forward, and the dynamic model and collaborative simulation of payload motion for deployment system is modeled by dynamic analysis software RecurDyn and control library Colink. The correctness of the collaborative simulation model and control strategy is validated by analysis and comparison , which lays the foundation for further research on dynamic simulation of virtual prototype in nonlinear and complex mechanical-control system.
Authors: D.M. Elias, Y. Yusof, Mohammad Minhat
Abstract: The Function Block Development Kit (FBDK) platform proposed for STEP-NC controller architecture . It can be used to create an open CNC architecture on ISO 14649 and Function Block (IEC 61499). This offers interoperability, portability, and adaptability. The proposed framework consists of three main modules: (1) STEP-NC Interface, (2) Simulator, and (3) Communication. The system will be implemented in CNC controller on actual milling machine. It will simplify the design of CNC machine controller with the architecture layers responsible for data processing, data storage, execution and feedback. This paper also discusses towards the requirements for global interoperable manufacturing for real-life machining system with the architecture layers responsible for data storage, data processing, and execution.

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