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Authors: Mei Xu
Abstract: The garbage disposal system is not a very large system,but it is a complex system..You need to take different control strategies according to different control objects, belonging to the control problem of the complexity of the uncertainty of the object (or process). Conventional control methods (such as PID, etc.) is difficult to implement effective control of such object.It is necessary to explore more effective control strategy. The paper briefly discusses the problem of intelligent control of the garbage disposal systems based on DCS.
Authors: Feng Xiang Chen, Shuang Zhai, Guang Ji Ji, Lin Jiong Yu, Su Zhou, Tong Zhang
Abstract: This paper treats the chaos synchronization problem of uncertain chaotic Chua circuit system. Based on Lyapunov theory, the proposed controller is featured with (a) only single variable information of the master system is needed; (b) the synchronization can also be achieved whilst the parameters of the master system are perturbed. Finally, the effectiveness of the proposed control law is also illustrated by the numerical simulation on Matlab environment.
Authors: Yang Qi, Jin Min Wang
Abstract: The most of the ordering approaches are derived from the practice of the production and life, and these approaches ensure relatively good packing result. In view of rectangular packing problem, this paper presents an ordering approach which is based on evaluative function. By the analysis of this evaluative function, some properties of this ordering approach are obtained. And through contrast experiment, it is proved that this ordering approach is beneficial to improve the space utilization of packing result.
Authors: Cun Hai Pan, Hui Li, Su Mei Du, Wei Gao
Abstract: A twin-rotary motion control system was built based on a cam technology and Siemens S7-300T PLC in this paper. The system can position accurately in a three-dimension space using a twin-servo closed loop control system and can real-time monitor various parameters of positioning system by HMI (Human Machine Interface). It also can automatically collect various parameter information and judge the type of fault.At the same time, the degree of automation has been raised and the cost of production was reduced.
Authors: Jin Chen, Yuan Peng Wan, Yao Ming Li, Li Chen Liu, Jing Li, Duan Wang, Tong Zhu
Abstract: With the inconvenience of the existed billboards on the market, this paper built a new kind of system made by hand-held transmitter to send remote control signals to change the ad content displayed on the billboard. Remote control device with STC89C52 microcontroller core, and display systems use the C8051F020 microcontroller to drive the integrated LCD module. The communication between the two using RS232 communication protocol to build smart billboard system. Through simulation, the design can easily achieve the function of changing the display content by intelligent remote.
Authors: Bao Bin Liu, Wei Zhou
Abstract: Logic-based switching adaptive control scheme is proposed for the model of DC-DC buck converter in presence of uncertain parameters and power supply disturbance. All uncertain parameters and the disturbance are estimated together through constructing Lyapunov function. And a switching mechanism is used to ensure global asymptotic stability of the closed-loop system. The results of simulation show that even if there are multiple unknown parameters in the small-signal model, the control system of DC-DC buck converter can estimate unknown parameters quickly and accurately.
Authors: Bing Han, Ning Dong, Amir Mahmood Soomro
Abstract: This paper presents a digital control strategy for Input-Parallel Output-Parallel (IPOP) DC/DC converters system. The IPOP system is based on two phase-shifted full-bridge (PS-FB) converters whose output current is not equally shared due to parameter differences of each module. The control objective is to obtain output current equally sharing. Small signal model is built to analyze the system stability. Effectiveness of the control strategy is verified by simulation and experiment results.
Authors: Shu Rong Ning, Tong Sun
Abstract: Based upon the model analysis on hot roll width control system, an online adaptive PD combined with Neural Network control method is proposed to account for the complicated process dynamics characterized by nonlinear, parameter uncertain and load disturbances etc. The NN model was introduced as a feed-forward controller to study the controlled plant inverse dynamic. The controller is independent of the exact controlled system modeling, and the control parameter can be regulated online by using the measured input/output datum based on feedback error learning method. The PD controller act as feedback one to ensure the robustness. The proposed scheme is simulated on vertical roller of hot strip mill. The control performance is analyzed in detail in terms of the system response speed and accuracy, as well as robustness to rolling temperature variation.
Authors: Yan Hui Zhao, Xi Liang Dai, Chun Liang Li
Abstract: This paper makes analysis of new types of Vehicles and life-cycle cost distribution according to new typed of vehicle structure, and then makes analysis of the use intensity and the degrees of aging of new types of Vehicles, at last this paper proposes a new use control strategy.
Authors: Jian Jun Yin, Chun Xie, Chuan Yu Wu, S.Mittal Gauri, Simon X. Yang
Abstract: To improve the efficiency of picking the fruit, a kind of quick motion path plan method for fruit-picking robot under free-obstacle was proposed in this paper. Firstly, the method obtained a series of points along straight path at equal internal, and the gripper center was designed to pass thorough these points. Inverse kinematics formulas of the robot arm were used to solve joint angles of the robot arm when the gripper center will pass thorough each point. To make the robot arm guide the gripper to reach quickly the object point, the joint angles were optimized to determinate according to the principle of energy optimization. The test of picking tomato showed that the method can both reproduce the motion of the gripper along linear points at constant speed and keep the shortest motion path, which are benefit to grip the fruit steadily. The method has a low amount of calculation, better real-time and may provide a reference for joint robot to pick the fruit quickly.

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