Chinese Ceramics Communications

Volumes 105-106

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Li Jiang, Zhong Ping Yao, Li Juan Yang, Yan Liu, Zhao Hua Jiang, Hui Ling Liu

Abstract: Owing to the defects of the fixed TiO2 photocatalysts, the research employed the approach of anodic oxidation to produce high efficiend...

Authors: Feng Zhou, Ying Qing Fu, Kai Ming Liang

Abstract: The crystallization behavior and microstructure of Li+-doped TiO2 thin films prepared by sol-gel dip coating were investigated by means of...

Authors: Jun Hua Cheng, Di Jiang Wen

Abstract: Silicon carbide (SiC) powders have been prepared at 1200–1500°C by carbothermal reduction of two kind precursors of carbonl/silica mixtures:...

Authors: Yan Bing Zong, Yu Li, Da Qiang Cang

Abstract: Composition of stainless steel slag was compared with that of ceramic paste first. DTA curves of ceramic samples were obtained to determine...

Authors: Jin Hong Li, Hong Wen Ma, Ying Cao

Abstract: The xerogel of mullite precursor with high specific surface area (422m2•g-1) was successfully prepared from the sol of aluminium isopropanol...

Authors: Dong Sheng Lv, Xiu Hua Li, Lei Wang, Juan Juan Du, Jie Zhang

Abstract: Insulation effect and mechanical performance of foam glass depend, to a large extent, on foam structure. Hence understanding foam formation...

Authors: Zhu Cheng, Jia Lin Sun, Fu Shen Li, Zhao You Chen, Long Gang Wan

Abstract: Fused magnesite, α–Al2O3 micropowder and aluminum powder were used as starting materials to form MgAlON and MgAlON-bonded MgO materials in...

Authors: Yali Wang, Lin Jun Wang, Ming Sheng Ma, Wen Ni, Yun Sheng Feng

Abstract: A laboratory preparation process of glass ceramics from nickel slag was introduced. The controlled heat treatment processes were carried out...

Authors: Yin Feng Xia, Zhao Hui Huang, Jia Zheng Yuan, Lin Jun Wang, Jie Hua Xie

Abstract: Crystalline glaze is a kind of art glaze with excellent decorative performance, the existing crystalline glaze mainly willemite crystalline...

Authors: Yan Yuan Liang, Da Ming Chen, Jian Feng Tong, Xian Cong Huang

Abstract: Arc-shaped integrated alumina ceramic armor for body bulletproof with the size of 300 × 250 × 6 mm, R400mm were prepared by semi-aqueous...


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