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Authors: Jun Han, Fa Zhong Shi, Li Kang Shao
Abstract:Springback is an inevitable process of sheet metal forming phenomenon. Numerical simulation is an effective way to solve the springback...
Authors: Cong Da Lu, Yi Lian Zhang, Shao Fei Jiang, Guo Zhong Chai
Abstract:In this paper, the main molding process parameters which are relevant to warpage were optimized by orthogonal experiment and finite element...
Authors: Zhao Liang Jiang, Xiang Xu Meng
Abstract:The work-piece holding in the fixture will have elastic deformation under the effect of clamping force and the positioning of locators which...
Authors: Bin Zhao
Abstract:In order to study the static and dynamical characteristics of the crankshaft, ANSYS software was used to carry out the corresponding...
Authors: Zong Yan Wang, Shu Fang Wu, Long Liang Pang
Abstract:To solve the problem such as large amounts of repeated designs and long design cycle in the traditional design process of crane, by analyzed...
Authors: Hong Jia, Yu Huai Wang, Yan Lin Lu
Abstract:CAE analysis plays an important role in die and mould manufacturing. In order to improve the modeling ability of the existing CAE analysis...
Authors: Jian Lan Lei, Jin Wang, Guo Dong Lu, Shao Mei Fei
Abstract:Collaborative filtering (CF) technique is the most successful method for recommendation system. In this article, we developed a fashion...
Authors: Ye Tao, Sheng Wen
Abstract:In this paper, the coupling electromechanical model is proposed for a cantilever microbeam in microelectromechanical system (MEMS). Based on...
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