Digital Design and Manufacturing Technology

Volumes 102-104

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhi Feng Liu, Qi Zhang, Wen Tong Yang, Jian Hua Wang, Yong Sheng Zhao

Abstract: According to the characteristic which is more and difficult to determine about the automotive panel forming factors, based on the dynamic...

Authors: Qi Dong Chen, Yan Nian Rui, Qing Zhang Chen, Zheng Xiao Hua, Lian Sheng Zhao

Abstract: It is important to assembling-possibility of products for the DFA (Design For Assembling). Asembling factors is analyzed, and a...

Authors: Fei Han, Jian Hua Mo, Xiao Hui Cui, Zai Lin Wang

Abstract: Incremental sheet forming (ISF) is an innovative and highly flexible sheet metal forming process for small batch production and prototyping,...

Authors: Yi Sun, Wen Tao Wang, Ming Feng Dong, Ya Lang Mao

Abstract: Through the analysis of the interaction form between steel balls and the material in Micro-level, the primary form in different areas...

Authors: Yi Lin Wang, Hui Cai Long

Abstract: Fine-blanking is an advanced and precision stamping process. Designing the construction die is an important part of the entire development...

Authors: Xiao Yang Lu, Bing Tao Tang, Xiao Li Lu

Abstract: Information of initial flat blank and final workpiece is prerequisite and satisfactory blank configuration and thickness distribution can be...

Authors: Shu Fang Wu, Zong Yan Wang, Long Liang Pang

Abstract: Three-dimensional rapid design for mechanical products is of great importance in machinery industry. In order to enhance market...

Authors: Yong Chang, Yan Ping Li

Abstract: Starting from the planar and spatial mesh fundamental theorem, this paper puts forward a new, general and effective method for deriving the...

Authors: Zhao Yu Mou, Wei Fang Wang, Peng Fei Gao, Dong Hui Wen

Abstract: A new method was used to analysis the performance of Nano-MAX lapping machine under working condition. Model analysis in ANSYS and...

Authors: Xiao Ming Wu

Abstract: The double(unilateral)index subjection function model for part dimensional test is constructed, the checkout limit range is partitioned by...


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