Digital Design and Manufacturing Technology

Volumes 102-104

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: San Bo Li

Abstract: A new design method on showing motorcycle velocity and speed is introduced, which is controlled by P87LPC64 SCM and driven by VID66-08 CMOS...

Authors: Hong Bo Lv, Ping Chen, Qi Feng Wang

Abstract: Product knowledge reuse is more emphasized by discrete enterprises nowadays. But their small batches, multi-product, and high frequency new...

Authors: Yin Le Chen, Xiang Jun Zou, Hai Xin Zou, Quan Sun, Jing Li, Hong Jun Wang, Tian Hu Liu

Abstract: In order to reduce the research and experimental cost of hand-picking machine, to make the design of manipulator more reasonable, and to...

Authors: Ning Huang, Ming Hui Huang, Li Hua Zhan

Abstract: The purpose of the present study is to propose a new technical method for improving the fatigue life of a panel with big grooves by setting...

Authors: Yong Xian Li, Bin Wang, Guang Ping Peng

Abstract: A new intelligent orthogonal optimization algorithm for robust design is proposed in order to improve accuracy and efficiency. The next...

Authors: Zhan Hui Yan, Yi Cao, Jun Yi Yu

Abstract: In order to eliminate thermal deformation of large-scale precise machine tools caused by ambient temperature change, self-alignment design...

Authors: Yan Biao Li, Shi Ming Ji, Zhong Fei Wang, Li Zhang, Yang Yu Wang

Abstract: A novel orthogonal 5-DOF parallel manipulator was proposed, and the statics equations of the 5-DOF parallel manipulator were derived in...

Authors: Ning Sun, Yong Zhang, Jin Wang

Abstract: By utilizing the parallel axis theorem of moment of inertia and the graphic geometric transformation theory as well as the method of...

Authors: Jian Min Wu

Abstract: In order to design the flow field of the NC-Electrochemical Machining (NC-ECM), a three-dimensional physical model of the flow passage is...

Authors: Fang Tian Ying, Peng Cheng Zhu, Mi Lan Ye, Jing Chang Chen, Zhao He, Yue Pan

Abstract: In this paper, we discuss a novel approach to multimodal input design in Tangible User Interface (TUI). We present a prototype Bubble...


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